10 Easy Tips to Update Your Wardrobe

10 Easy Tips to Update Your Wardrobe, nothing to wear, easy shopping tips, inexpensive chic outfits

We all have those moments when we’re standing in front our closet thinking “I have nothing to wear”. It’s not true but it still happens. Whenever I find myself having these moments frequently I know my closet needs a little pick me up. The real problem is that getting dress feels boring and you need to add a little excitement back into the process. Therefore, I’m sharing 10 tips that can help you update your wardrobe and get you out of a rut.

10 Easy Tips to Update Your Wardrobe

1 Make a List of Your Top 5 Most Worn Items This paints a picture of what you’re into at the moment. It will either help you realize that you’re in a rut because of these pieces or that you love them. If it’s the latter trying buying these items in various colors and/or fabrics. If it’s the former take these items out of your closet for a while. I suggest putting them in a box at the back of your closet for a month or two.

2 Add Black This color always just make my wardrobe feel chic and badass. Whenever my wardrobe feels stale, I always add a black piece I love. It makes getting dressed exciting and I know I can pair it with anything already in my closet.

3 Choose 2 New Accessories in Neutral Colors Adding a few quality accessories is the easiest way to update your look. Personally, I love adding a new bag(I have my eye on this one & this one) and earrings to give a quick refresh to my closet.

4 Add two new tops Pairing a new top with your favorite denim is an inexpensive way to create a chic look. Pull out a few jeans and snap a quick pic in your phone to have on hand to reference before you hit your favorite shop.


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5 Try to recreate 2 looks from your favorite fashionista

This is about getting inspired, we ladies are amazing so why not tip our hats to each other. Recreating looks is fun because you’ll always do it in a way that’s unique to you and keeps your love for fashion fed. Two fashion ladies I love are Shiona Turini & Amanda Korina.

6 Make a Want List

This helps to identify if your style is changing. I always compare my want list to what’s currently in my wardrobe and often I find them to be drastically different. Then I take my list and invest in one or two pieces to function as statement items.

7 Change out your fabric

If you’ve been wearing a ton of silk switch to velvet. Just trying out the same style, fit and cut in a different fabric can switch the vibe of a wardrobe instantly.

8 Step up the hardware

Change out the hardware on an item in your closet. Take that old Forever 21 blazer and change the buttons to some chrome hardware to remake it in the chicest way possible.

9 Integrate new cuts

Just like with fabrics trying new cuts is an easy way to upgrade your wardrobe. Have you been wearing midi skirts a lot to work? Try switching to a sheath cut dress.

10 Texture, Texture, Texture 

This is the key to any good monochromatic look. Texture is great because it adds depth and balance to any outfit. Plus it is the key to any good monochromatic look.

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