10 Things I do on Sunday Nights

After, I have a long productive day of shooting for the blog, laundry, running errands and maybe even a brunch with girls. I have a few options of things I do on Sunday Nights. Sunday nights are my time to do whatever I want and feel guilt free about doing them. They are the cherry on top after I have had a long productive, over the top and hardworking week. Yes, I mostly binging on something but tis life. Feel free to judge or drop a  line on your nightly antics. I’m off to do one of the below.

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10 Things I do on Sunday Nights

  1. Binge Read.  Yes, it’s an actually thing in Lay’s world.
  2. Binge online shopping. Again, it’s an actual thing.
  3. Remember all the tv shows I’m behind on and have hulu/on -demand/netflix show watching festival. Don’t judge, actually go right ahead and judge away.Stewy
  4. Procrastinate on editing and then have to edit all next’s week blog posts in one night. challenge accepted 🙂
  5. Order take out from a list of my most frequented spots. Yes, I’m a regular and no I don’t like cooking on Sundays or meal prepping.
  6. Late night shopping at Target. I really do this way too much. I’ll  probably be in Target as you’re reading this list (eh)target
  7. Excessively, cleaning my closet. I go thru my closet every Sunday night hence number 2.
  8. Give my hair a nice deep conditioning treatment. Check out my post for deep conditioners for ultra hydrated hair,here.
  9. Excessive snapchatting while dancing around my room to Beyoncé. I’m not even kidding, no shame in my game.
  10. My favorite thing of all, reading my bible while stuffing my face with chocolate. ‘Cause be honest you can never have too many blessings and too much chocolate.Chocolate



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