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It’s my birthday and what better way to kick off the blog -a- thon with a few facts to help you get to know me better! I hope you still love me the same or dare I say even more by the time you finish this list.

  1. I grew dancing ballet and competing in dance competitions. I start taking lessons at age 3, if only Dance Moms was around back then
  2. I studied abroad in France my junior year of college. It was a dream come true to finally be in Paris, I had been telling my mom for years that I was going to live there308232_2148187184289_1041835559_n
  3. I love Victorian era literature and just books in general.  The last book I just finished was The Motivation Manifesto by Brendon Burchard. To see what else I’ve been reading this year,check out my reading list here
  4. I shaved off half my left eyebrow when was ten, which is why is grows in crazy directions. It’s a long story that I will share later on the blog

  5. I have a healthy obsession ( is there such a thing?) with jeans, which I’m sure you have realized from my outfits. I think I had at least 60 pairs last time I counted, whoops!
  6. I love baking. If it wasn’t for baking I’d probably still hate going into a kitchen or cooking. I started my own bakery one summer from my mom’s kitchen, I guess I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit
  7. I don’t drink soda but I adore chocolate. When I visited belgium I was most excite about looting all there chocolate shops! Don’t judge, chocolate is life okay!
  8. I’m the grouchiest, moodiest version of myself when i’m hungry. We don’t want that so just feed me, kay? The only time I can go hours on hours without eating is when I’m shopping
  9. Beyoncè is life. 90’s r&b is life. Tupac is life. I also love trap music ( sue me, kay?) Currently,Wynter Gordon’s Five Needle has been on repeat.tumblr_n18y0y0jdR1r81wtbo1_500

  10. I’m a planner. I make lists for everything, I organize everything. Just ask my bestie/college roomie, Melysa (check out her blog here). If you ever walk into my space and find it just in a mess, most likely I’m suffering a mid life crisis and you should def call for help
  11. I have a twin. Well not really ( I wish) but I do have two younger brothers who could pass as my twin. One of them is my photographer for the blog.
  12. Baked Mac & Cheese is my favorite food. I could eat it everyday, it’s perfection.
  13. I don’t own sweatpants and I refused to buy them in college (one reason I was always fully dressed for class). I don’t really know where this disdain for them came from but I was happy when joggers came into style.
  14. I always wished I could sing. Trust me, I try but it’s just not cute.200_s

  15. I went to business school and have a b.s in Economics – Finance with a minor in Literature.IMG_4844
  16. I shot a commercial with Ne-yo during my modeling days and he sung acapella for us (swoon!)
  17. I got to perform on stage with Nelly when he performed at my school’s Spring Day concertIMG_1334
  18. I don’t do rollercoasters. I’m not a huge fan of amusements park anyway and I am the friend holding everyone’s stuff when they go rides
  19. I collect candles and always have one burning when I am home. They just really set a calm mood. Let me know if you want a post on my favorite brands/scents
  20. I’ve kept a journal since I was 12 . I love writing and always wanted to write fiction! ( I started writing short stories in middle school)
  21. Quotes are my daily pick me ups, I get them sent daily to my phone and write them on post its then hang them around my workspace. It is one of the ways I stay inspired and motivated
  22. I ran track & did gymnastics throughout high school. The beam was my favorite event
  23. Pink is my favorite color ( clichè? eh)
  24. I’ve never colored my hair

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