4 Tips for Rocking Fringe

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Morning ya’ll ! I’m feeling oh so trendy in this look. I love that suede is one of the stars of fashion this season because its one of my go to’s. You can see my tips on how to pull it off for fall, here. However, today is all about the fringe. I admit this trend won me over because I used to hate fringe. I believed it the worst thing ever but have you seen my top?! Seriously, all the effortless, edgy and chic items featuring fringe really caught my eye this season. I was oohing and ahhing (definitely not really words but you get the point) at everything about this fall trend. Therefore, I decided to give it a try and it’s been lovely. I’m giving you 4 tips for rocking fringe to help pull off this trend, if you’re like me and this is new territory. Let me know what you think of this trend and if you try it out tag me on Instagram. Until next time…

  1. Keep it minimal. Pick one item with the fringe detail to be the focal point which helps keep the look sophisticated and chic.
  2. Choose deep hues. Picking a darker color helps to pair it more easily and make the fringe detailing the “wow” factor of the item. I love that my top is a navy blue which gives me a little color and added depth to this look.
  3. Get it in your style. What I mean by this is get a fringed item in a style you rock well and is flattering.  If mini skirts look great on you, try it in fringe. I love the look of crop tops on me hence my fringed top.
  4. Pair with leather or suede texture. Pairing with either of these two will add some major luxe vibes to your look. Keeping it super chic and relaxed.

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