5 Products I thought I’d hate but ended up Loving

5 Products I thought I'd hate

There are moments in life when you have to admit you’re wrong. Boy, I was wrong about these five products. I smirked at them and knew they could never possibly win me over. They did just that.  We’re going to take a look at my experience with these products and how a beautiful love has blossomed between us.

5 Products I thought I’d hate But Ended Up Loving

5 Products I thought I'd hate, laura mercier translucent powder, review

1|Translucent Loose Setting Powder by Laura Mercier 

What it does: Setting powder to extend the wear of your makeup

The Experience: Translucent powders and I usually don’t get along, so I was skeptical from the beginning. However, this has been a cult product with all the beauty community and I decided to pick it up to see if it lived up to the hype.

At first, it didn’t. I tried it but wasn’t crazy about it. It left my skin looking a bit ashy like ever other translucent powder, so I didn’t use it again for months.  I figured it was another casualty in my war with setting powders. Then, a few weeks ago I was running low on my favorite powder and decided to pick up the Laura Mercier again.

It was like night and day. When I first used it all those months ago I did use the “baking” method but this time around I just used a light layer to set my concealer. It was glorious. Less is more with this product. Laura Mercier did recently launch this setting powder in a new color called deep medium and I definitely want to try it out.


2| Black & Brown Eyebrow Gel by Colourpop

What it does: Creme eyebrow gel that is water resistant and provides all day coverage

The Experience: Changing up my brow routine or products is not something I do. Never had I used an eyebrow gel or powder I really liked which is why I was lukewarm on trying this one. However, when Shayla from Makeupshayla recommends a product, you try it. If you follow me on snapchat then you know I’ve been in love with this product for months now. I even gave up my Anastasia Brow Wiz which is my favorite. The gel color looks really natural and the formula is great. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t smudge which are wins in my book.


3| Ambient Light Correcting Primer in Luminous Light by Hourglass

What it does: a lightweight correcting primer that smooths skin and gives a slight glow

The Experience: I first tried this product in Sephora when one of the makeup artists used it on me. I told him I wanted something that would give me coverage but was lightweight because I didn’t want to wear heavy foundation in the summer. When he suggested a primer I gave him a side eye.

He applied it and I really loved the result. I believe his method of applying it was the trick. He used a damp beauty blender to work it into my skin then set it with a light powder. This primer feels more like a tinted moisturizer but a little lighter.  This product won’t seem great if you have a blemishes, scarring or dark circles you want to cover. You’ll need to add a concealer on top of it.

Also, I tried to apply it at home without the beauty blender and just don’t do it. Use the beauty blender. 

Price: $445 Products I thought I'd hate, milk oil, first aid beauty, review


4| Milk Oil Conditioning Cleanser by First Aid Beauty

(On Sale Alert)

What it does: Takes off makeup while conditioning skin, lashes & brows

The Experience: Seeing the words milk oil did turn me off a bit initially. However, the claim to dissolve waterproof mascara and condition my lashes drew me in. I admit I’d buy anything claiming to help my lashes because they are dear to me. You can check out my tip on growing longer lashes, here.

I really love how well it takes off my eye makeup. The formula is a bit more watery than I had expected but it’s why I ended up loving this product.

Price: $13

5 Products I thought I'd hate5| Charcoal Makeup Melter by Boscia

What it does: A cleansing oil balm that thoroughly dissolves makeup ( including waterproof mascara)

The Experience: This is my favorite on the list and the one I really didn’t expect to like. On a trip to Sephora, I got it for free, thanks to the bazillion points I’ve accumulated. So, I wasn’t losing anything by giving this product a try. Not to mention I am a fan of many Boscia products.

I never joined in on the oil cleansing method hype for removing makeup. I had to stay loyal to my Aveeno makeup wipes but after trying this product I’m converted. This is now a staple for me and I will be picking up the largest size immediately.


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