About the Blog

The short: Basically, the goal is to help, inspire and encourage millennial women on their way to being girl bosses by giving them the tools to curate a quality, functional and stylish wardrobe, along with easy beauty tips and little drops of life wisdom.

The Motto: Dream in Chic

The Personal: I’ve always wanted to tell stories. Writing, dancing, and fashion are my creative outlets. They all are different mediums to tell a story. That’s the kind of experience I wanted this blog to be: creating that perfect dream world, the blending of fantasy & reality. That’s what is constantly going on in my mind, creating the most extravagant stories and my ultimate dream world(s).

I believe each woman has that desire and vision in them. That’s the reason behind the blog name, Lay Summers, apart from it being a more intimate version of my name used by the closest of family and having the desire to extend that bond to my readers. She’s the ultimate version of who I envision to be. She’s the woman that’s the truest reflection of me and my life.

I believe too often our true selves and desires get stifled in society or lost in the daily bustle of life, but we can get a little piece of her back in how we dress. We can be who we want to be first in our closets.

About Me

Name: Malaysha aka Lay

The short: I’m a creator, fashion stylist, dreamer, dancer, lover of books and storyteller. So basically, at my core, the definition of a creative would fit.

The personal: I grew up in Boston and I have two younger brothers.I started taking dance lessons at the wee age of three and I’ve competed in my fair share of competitions over the years.

I attended Bentley University and graduated with a B.S in Finance-Economics along with a minor in literature.

My zodiac sign is the Leo which tends to be a pretty accurate description of me in many ways.I’ve had this long distance love with France since I was about ten years old. Finally, got the chance to live there when I studied abroad in college. A life long dream of mine is to buy a house in the French countryside next to a vineyard. Goals, right?

If you want to know more like my healthy obsessions or what my one wish is? Click here




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