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This past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised by the weather on Sunday. It was a glorious day with plenty of sunshine in the low 70’s with a cool breeze. The perfect day to get in one last summer outfit and I took full advantage. My mood was light and playful, so I opted for a flowy chic jumpsuit and a bright bag topped off with my favorite jacket of the moment. Funny little story concerning this jumpsuit, I originally purchased it from Nordstrom in mid august to wear to a friend’s birthday party. About twenty minutes into the party, I bent over to pick something up and heard a tearing sound as I realized the strap on the jumpsuit had ripped. Luckily, I reacted quick enough to avoid a Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction and I had a spare change of clothes in my car, so crisis averted. However, I was a little bummed that my new jumpsuit was ruined since I adored it, so the following week I went back to Nordstrom. They were able to order and ship a brand new one to my home and voila, it’s now here on the blog. As always, I hope you enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

Jumpsuit: Like Mynded | Purse: Ted Baker| Shoes: H&M | Jacket: French Connection| Earrings: Target |

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