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I want to share my goals for 2015 which is a year focused on growth. Often times in growing up, one has to grow out and grow in. Grow out of other people’s expectations for them. Grow out of the stereotypes and burdens that society has bestowed upon them and grow into their own expectations. Once, one starts on the path of growth, it inhibits one to begin growing in. Growing into their own opinions. Grow into their destiny.

Being in my early twenties has really prompted me to create a life focused on happiness, generosity, and love that I can be proud of at the end. This year I want to strive to push myself further than I have and really test my potential. In doing so here are my goals for growth:

  1. Speaking up about my feeling:

I’m not the best at communicating my emotions. I’ve always tended to be very private when it came to my deepest feelings which is probably why I’ve always kept a journal. It’s always felt more comforting to write in a private little space than to speak it into the universe. However, I’ve come to realize sometimes it’s best and a relief to say how you feel whether it’s about a person, a project or issue in society.

2. Increasing my financial freedom:

I have been blessed to have parents that always encouraged my brothers and me to take control of our money and always have multiple sources of income. This year I want to take the next step beyond having a budget and understanding how to manage my money. I wanted to add some depth with increasing my investments, creating additional streams of income and determining my money dreams.

3. Learn to cook more vegetarian meals:

I’ve been vegetarian for a year and I’m ready to get a bit more creative with my meals. I want to increase the amount of meals I make at home while also increasing my leafy green intakes and doing my daily green smoothies again. I’ve been really wanting to do try juicing and this will be the year I do. I think this will make for an exciting year for my taste buds and add fun into creating my meals which is definitely a plus.

4. Living by a standard of excellence

This is all about going above and beyond in everything I do. Having high standards and expectations is something I’ve always had especially when it comes to my work. However, I want to make sure I am extending that into other areas and activities of my life.Even down to the simplest tasks whether it’s keeping my car super clean, limiting procrastination to keeping my body fit. I want to make sure I’m executing everything with excellence.

5. Growing my dreams

Having dreams is an amazing thing all on their own. In having dreams, you have a vision for your life and are trying to create a purpose for it. The best way to feed those dreams is through action and building resilience. For each month of 2015, I have action steps to accomplish each month to help nurture them. I hope to look back at the end of the year and see that I have made meaningful progress even if everything doesn’t always go my way.

6. Growing with God and understanding purpose:

I really believe this is a life goal, one that you only know you’ve achieved at the very end. However, it is a life goal that I want to implement as my foundation and compass through life starting this year forward. Having someone to live for and finding a way to serve others and make a difference is a great motivation for living a full life even in the difficult moments.

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