April is all about Iconic Women

April is a very special month for me because it is my grandma’s birthday month. My grandma was a beautiful, generous, loving and fiercely independent woman. She inspires me so much and the strength she exuded throughout her life is magical. My grandma, Eliza, passed away after battling colon cancer in November. I am a very private person when it comes to my family and personal relationships.However, I want to celebrate and honor all that she was and continues to be on the blog this month with you all.

There are many ways people define iconic. I ┬ádefine it as someone who is admired and has achieved their version of success while uplifting others. You don’t have to inspire millions to be impactful but merely touch just one person. Therefore, April will be about celebrating the iconic women in our lives, these are the women who inspire, encourage and support us in our life journey. I have inspired outfit looks, interviews, beauty tips and more to celebrate my grandma and the special women in my life. Let me know who the iconic women are in your life.

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April, Eliza
Forever loved, Eliza

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