The August Book List + Introducing the Book Club

The August Book ListAugust was a slow reading month for me. I only read one book even though I had intended to read more. The month just became so busy for me and I didn’t set aside any time for reading. It happens. However, I’m back on my regular reading schedule for September.¬†I have so many books series I want to finish plus there are new books coming out in September that I’ve been waiting months for.

A few of you mentioned to me that you want to start reading more. However, it’s hard to find the time or be accountable. I had been toying with the idea of doing a book club. Therefore, I decided to share a few books that I plan on reading the next month with each new book list. That way you all can check them out too and read along with me. Then each month along with the newest book list post I’ll do a book discussion video on my youtube channel. I hope this allows us to discuss the books in more detail and help you all with your reading goals.

The first book club list is below for what I’ll be reading in September. Let me know what you all think and if you have any suggestions to make this more valuable to you. I always love hearing from you.

August Book List
White Cat (Curse Workers Series #1), The August Book ListWhite Cat by Holly Black

Rating: 3 Stars

Genre: Urban Fantasy/ Magical Realism

Summary: Cassels comes from a family of magical criminals. They have the abilities to control emotions, memories, and luck. When one night he almost sleepwalks off the roof of his dorm he starts to realize he’s part of a much bigger game and begins searching for the truth.

My Thoughts: I was really excited to read this book. Holly Black has a book called the Cruel Prince coming out in 2018 that I’m dying to read. To pass the time I decided to check out some of her other books. I was intrigued¬†to read this book because it has a male protagonist and the premise for the story was really interesting. I mean magical criminals, does it get better? I did enjoy the story but the writing was a little juvenile. I wanted the characters to develop a little more and even go darker. Some parts of the story dragged on a little too long and right when things were getting interesting the story ended. I got to the end of the book thinking, that’s it? Which left me feeling unsatisfied.

Granted this is a part of a trilogy so the story may go the direction I was hoping in later books. I do plan to finish the series at some point. Holly Black has really creative concepts and I’m still excited to read her future books.

The Book Club – September List


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