Classic Stripes | Everyday Summer Look

stripes, chic summer look, summer Outfit

stripes, chic summer look, summer Outfit

Stripes are classic and I love wearing then in the summer.  Wearing stripes always make my outfits look really clean, put together and relaxed.

My brother and I were going to the park for a walk and ice cream. Therefore, my main goal was to be comfortable in this summer heat. This striped shirt from Zara was perfect, I tied the bottom and rolled up the sleeves to keep it relaxed and breezy. The shorts I paired it with has an unfinished hem which I love and adds to the relaxed vibe.

I want to take a moment to gush over my shoes. These Marc Fisher shoes have been a favorite in my closet for June because I love how easy they are to dress up or down. Not to mention they become more comfortable every time I wear them. Unfortunately, these loafers are currently sold out.  However, the new summer line is great and worth checking out.

The Details

Top by Zara

Shorts by Urban Outfitters

Shoes by Marc Fisher

Sunglasses via Nordstrom

Wallet by Louis Vuitton 

stripes, outfit inspiration

stripes, summer outfit

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The Lace Cami | How to wear this summer trend

lace cami

lace camiThe lace cami is sexy, chic and trendy. It is great for layering under a blazer, button down or denim jacket this summer.

The cami comes in many different styles and cuts. The one I’m wearing falls right at the top of my hips and looks great tucked into pants or shorts. It’s also a really great layering piece and shows off the perfect amount of skin.I wrote a post awhile back on the art of layering for winter. However, layering is just as useful for the summer, especially when going in between the hot temperatures outside and the blasting cold AC on the inside.

The lace camisole is simple but has lots of texture which inspires me to want to be creative with the styling. I paired my lace cami with bolder cut pants that added movement and balance. To spice up my look I went for a pair of bright turquoise earrings and multicolored floral print shoes to tie everything together.

The Details

Top by Free People

Blazer by H&M

Pants by Love & Love

Shoes by Missguided

Earrings by H&M

Sunglasses by Rayban

Rings by Aldo

lace cami

How to Wear The Lace Cami Checklist

+ Pair it with bold cuts and playful prints

+ Layer it under a blazer or denim jacket or button down

+ Add in some color with accerssories

What trends are you wearing this summer or want to see me try? Leave a comment below.

lace cami

Shop The Lace Cami

lace cami

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The Wrap Dress | Casual Summer Look

wrap dress, missguided, mango, Louis Vuitton, ray ban

wrap dress, missguided, mango, Louis Vuitton, ray ban

Anytime I think about the wrap dress I think Diane Von Furstenburg. It is a signature style of her brand and rightfully so. Wrap dresses are perfect for spring and summer because they’re easy and chic. There is always a slight bit of sophistication with this style of dress just because the silhouette is so flattering. I find it really helps to define curves and that is a plus for me.

My dress is from Missguided and falls in that blush/dusty pink color scale. I love this color and it is a staple in my wardrobe, it just so easy to style. My chunky sandals from Mango paired well and were great for walking around the city. My brother and I even got caught in the rainstorm and the shoes held up well. What more could you ask for in a pair of shoes beside a great price?

Gold is my go-to color for accessories, especially with my dress shade. My jewelry is from my mom and one day I hope to create a collection based off her designs. She has such a great collection and has gifted me my favorite pieces over the years.

The Details

Sunglasses by Rayban

Dress by Missguided

Shoes by Mango (shop more shoes)

Bag by Louis Vuitton

wrap dress, missguided, mango, Louis Vuitton, ray ban
Shop The Wrap Dress

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this favorite style of mine.wrap dress, missguided, mango, Louis Vuitton, ray ban

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3 Quick & Easy Tips for Wearing High Waisted Shorts

high waisted

One of my summer wardrobe staples is high waisted shorts. High waisted shorts are very flattering on so many figures and help to create the illusion of longer legs. Who doesn’t want to make their legs to seem miles long? Casual and carefree or dressed up these shorts can do double duty all summer.

My look is casual, simple and crisp which is perfect for laid back days. I paired my shorts with this sheer open back top that works well for warmer temperatures because the material is so breezy. Since I wanted to keep my jewelry minimal I threw on some statement earrings that really popped and completed the look. It was that easy.  

Don’t worry I included tips for how to style this summer staple to make sure you nail it every time. Check them out below and let me know your summer wardrobe staples.

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high waisted, easy summer outfits

3 Tips for Wearing High Waisted Shorts

1 Wear Flesh tone sandals.

It will help to add to the illusion of longer legs.

high waisted, high waisted shorts

2 Skip the belt.

Of course, you can wear a belt but it’s not really necessary for high waisted shorts. Skipping the belt creates a really casual and carefree vibe which is great for summer.

high waisted, shorts, high waisted shorts. summer outfits

3 Tuck it in.

Your top that is. If you go for a longer top tuck it halfway or all the way in. Also, crop tops work great too.


high waisted

The Details
Top by Zara
Shorts by Wrangler for Urban Outfitters
Bag by Zara
Shoes by Steve Madden
Earrings by Aldo
Sunglasses by Rayban


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6 Face Masks Perfect for Summer

face masks


Beaches, Vacations, BBQs, Hiking, Reading in the backyard. However, you’re planning to spend your summer you’ll probably be spending a considerable amount of time outside and celebrating. You definitely want to look and feel your best starting with taking care of your skin.

It is always a good idea to take a look at your skincare routine with the change of the seasons. Your skin may have different needs and it is just fun to try out new products. I keep a fairly simple regimen but I love trying out new face masks. They are one beauty product that definitely helps problem areas I want to target. For the summer months, I especially like masks that are going to really clear out those impurities and give me glowy skin.

Pick up a few of my recommendations and be assured that your skin care needs are met all summer long.



6 Face Masks Perfect for Summer

face masks

1.Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask by Michael Todd 

What it does: This mask is great for drawing out impurities and toxins while helping to clear blemishes.

Why I love it: Gosh, I love really do love this mask. If you have oily/combination skin this is a great option for you. It really helps to clear up blemishes, prevents breakouts and has really helped even out my complexion. Not to mention it’s so lightweight and goes on super smoothly.

How to use it: I apply it after I wash my face and before using my toner for about 10 mins. I do it twice a week but it can be used up to 3 times a week.

Buy: Ulta

2. Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia 

What it does: This is a peel off masks that helps to absorb excess oil, improve skin clarity and help reduce pores.

Why I love it: Every time I use it my skin is glowing and so soft. It does a great job of deep cleaning your pores, they will definitely be unclogged after using this. Which is perfect for summer since we spend so much time outside, you want to make sure you’re getting along the impurities out.

How to use it: I suggest using it only once a week because it is a strong mask, preferably at night. I like to apply this before I get in the shower because it’s easier to wash off any residue let from peeling it off.

Buy: Sephora


face masks3. Collagen Essence Miracle Mask by Bio Miracle

What it does: It helps to brighten, improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Why I love it: Using this mask before I apply my makeup gives me the dewiest, glowing looking skin. It’s also my go to if I had a late night because it helps reduces any bags, rehydrates and perks up my skin.

How to use it: Definitely use this after you cleanse your skin. Once, you finish the mask do not wash or rinse your face instead you want to rub the remaining serum into your skin.

Buy: Target

4. Brightening Face Mask by Karuna

What it does: A sheet mask that is infused with a serum that brightens, gently exfoliates and reduces appearance of age spots

Why I love it: It great for hyperpigmented skin and leaves a nice glow. I also love that it is paraben and dye free.

How to use it: This is super easy, just leave on for 10 – 20 mins. The longer you leave it on the more intense the treatment.

Buy: Sephora

5. Clarifying Face Mask by Karuna

What it does: It does what a few of the other masks on this list does deep-cleans pores, removes excess oil but it also provides an oil-free hydration.

Why I love it: It’s great if I have a breakout and I want to clear it quickly while leaving my skin hydrated. Of course like the other masks from this brand, it’s paraben and dye free which is always a plus.

How to use it: This is super easy, just leave on for 10 – 20 mins. The longer you leave it on the more intense the treatment.

Buy: Sephora

6.Renewal Eye Mask by Karuna

What it does: Helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles. It also firms and tones the skin.

Why I love it: This is definitely my favorite of the Karuna brand because it focuses on that sensitive eye area. I love that this helps my bags so much and really brightens up that area. My concealer always goes on much smoother after using these.

How to use it: This is super easy, just leave on for 10 – 20 mins. The longer you leave it on the more intense the treatment.

Buy: Sephora

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face masks
face masks

Pink Blossoms | Easy Summer Outfit

summer, summer outfit

The blush is back in full force.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you . The weather is picking up in Boston, finally, it is starting to feel a bit like summer. In the warmer months, I’m all about choosing simple and easy outfits like the shift dress from Socialite. It is no surprise that I love dresses but I love wearing them when I have a full day because they transition well to different scenes. Going from a lunch date to running errands to drinks is easy.

Layering on the accessories adds personality and element of glam. I’m a sucker for simple glam which is why I love these jewelry pieces from a local shop in Martha’s Vineyard. The look is polished off with my chunky Dolce Vita heels which are so comfortable to wear all day. I definitely need a few more pair.

Leave a comment on what would like to see on the blog this summer. Do you have weddings, parties or vacations you need style advice for? Let me know!

Shop My Picks

summer, summer outfit

summer, summer outfit

The Details

Dress by Socialite

Shoes by Dolce Vita

Bag by Azalea

Sunglasses by Quay

Earrings ( local shop)








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Introducing The Book List

am so excited to finally be introducing this new addition to the blog. I’ve wanted to share my love for reading with you all for so long. I used to post my summer reading lists but stopped because it felt disconnected to my content at the time but it’s been really nagging me not to share.  Occasionally I would mention the books I was reading in a blog post but it wasn’t enough. All my spare time is spent reading and my love of books is a huge part of who I am. So let me finally introduce you to the Book List.

What’s the Book List?

It’s a series where I will share what I’m reading, what I want to read and my opinions on the books I read every month.

What type of books do I enjoy reading?

My favorite genre by far is fantasy. I read a lot of fantasy, it’s the only genre that matches my imagination. I love getting to explore new worlds, magic, and supernatural elements. Reading fantasy always spurs my creative juices.

I also really love reading historical and literary fiction. Of course, I also love the literary classics. I have minor in literature after all not to mention I took an entire course on Jane Austen in college. It’s still one of my most favorite classes I’ve ever taken, I mean Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. I swoon.

I also enjoy reading memoirs and non – fiction. Occasionally I will also read contemporary.The only thing I don’t read is horror. Not touching that genre with a ten-foot pole. But all in all, you can expect my book list to contain quite a bit of variety.

Will there be reviews on the books?

There won’t be a review for each individual book I read. At least not on the blog. If you want a more in-depth review you can follow me on my Goodreads or Tumblr.For the blog, I will do a mini review for each book that is on my end of the month wrap up post. You’ll get more details in future posts.

This is all I wanted to get out for now. I hope you all really enjoy this new segment to the blog and don’t worry there will still be plenty of fashion.  Check out what I read in May below and check back next week for a new Book List.

My May Reads

The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater

The Wrath & Dawn by Renee Ahdieh

Kiss of Deception by Mary E Pearson

Ruined by Amy Tintera

Avenged by Amy Tintera

A Court of Wings & Ruin by Sarah J Maas

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

The Star Touched Queen by Roshani Chokshi


I’m excited to let you know that I’m Barnes & Nobles, partner. So if you shop my book suggestions and purchase through my links I earn a commission.

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