The One Step You Need for Silky Smooth Skin

silky smooth skinsilky smooth skinImagine. Candles burning. A playlist of your favorite songs. Quiet and relaxing ambiance. Silky Smooth Skin.

In our everyday lives, we have a million things to do and not a lot of time for pampering ourselves. From project deadlines, friends birthdays to cooking dinner it can feel overwhelming. Sometimes, we just need a quick escape. Now you can escape to your most luxurious dream every time you step into your shower thanks to Olay.

The winter time is perfect for indulging in some major “me” time. The dark hours, brisk winds and freezing Boston winters leave me craving to carve out a little quiet time and my skin in dire need of moisture. One the of the easy ways I found to alleviate dry winter skin is with the Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus Bodywash. It is formulated with dual ribbon technology that’s made up of cleansers and moisturizers. Which translates to hydrated, soft and silky skin. Does get it get any better than that?

The first time I stepped into my shower to use the Olay manuka honey bodywash, I’ll admit I used too much. The rich creamy texture of the bodywash only warrants a small amount to create a ton of lather.  After one wash my skin felt amazingly soft and smelled delicious. If you’re like me and love to pamper yourself but find you don’t always have the time this is a perfect solution. You can treat your skin to a deep clean while having a lingering scent that reminds you of that escape all day long.


A shower that lets you escape into your most luxurious dream…

silky smooth skin



silky smooth skin




silky smooth skin


Your on your way to silky smooth

1 Grab your own Olay Moisture Ribbons Plus Bodywash

2 Dream up your ultimate luxurious vacation

3 Light a candle to set the mood

4 Lather, rinse, repeat.

Want to indulge your skin further? Take on the Olay Winter Skin Challenge, you won’t regret it.












This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

Note From Lay: Tis the Season To Give

The Holidays is always the time of year where we look forward to spending time with family and giving gifts. It can also be a tough time of year for some people for various reasons. I know this time of year is bittersweet for my family because of loved ones we lost. Therefore, I just want to encourage each of us to reach out and give to someone in need this season among all the fun festivities. There are many people who just need someone to talk to or shelters that could use donations. My friend helped connect me with a local shelter that I was able to donate a lot of items they needed just from cleaning out my closet. So I encourage you to reach out and see if there’s a way you help in your community this season even in a small way.

Of course, this month I’m also going to be doing some giving of my own. I did my first giveaway of the season on Instagram so be sure to follow there to stay in the loop and sign up to the email list (below). To stay in the holiday spirit over the next few weeks I’ll be sharing gift guides, the easiest way to silky smooth skin and what to wear for all the New Year’s Eve festivities. I may even sneak in a few of my favorite or most embarrassing holiday memories. As always I hope you enjoy this month’s content and I look forward to connecting with you. Muah.

The Turtleneck: How To Style This Wardrobe Basic

How to Style The Turtleneck

How to Style The Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are the bomb. Sweaters, hoodies and fuzzy oversized cardigans are amazing too. But a turtleneck is the perfect way to chic up your look while layering strategically.

So often are closets are missing essential basics simply because they’re boring. Or we think they are. I used to feel this way too. Why spend my money on a cami or plain turtleneck when I can buy those stylish oversized sweaters instead? Let’s answer that.

1| It cuts down on the bulk and adds warmth.

Have you ever successfully paired an oversized sweater with a cardigan? Probably not. They are just not pieces that complement each other. Not to mention it just wouldn’t be comfortable.

2| Neutral Color Options

Basics usually come in a handful of color options. Making them easy to pair with pretty much anything.

Now, that we covered why to buy your basics, in this case, the turtleneck. Let’s talk style tips.

1| Make it a focal point

My gray turtleneck is a focal point without clashing with my cardigan simply because it’s grey. It complements the black without being overbearing.

2| Layer it with a blazer or cardigan

This is my favorite way to rock a turtleneck. If you want to dress up choose the blazer. If you want a more casual look go with the cardigan. Whatever you choose, keep it chic an fun. 


Editor’s Picks

How to Style The Turtleneck

How to Style The Turtleneck




Lay Tip: Keep basics chic & fun by buying them in different styles, colors & textures.






Outfit Details

Turtleneck by Topshop

Cardigan by ( via Asos)

Joggers by Express

Shoes by Chinese Laundry

Earrings by Aldo

Favorite MM by Louis Vuitton

Styling Winter Wardrobe Essentials

winter,Winter Wardrobe Essentials
Winter is here. It was only a few weeks ago it felt like summer in November. Now New England is in full winter temperatures. It’s been getting cold. Therefore, I’d thought I share a few tips and few essentials items to transition from a fall to winter wardrobe.

Layering is Queen

I’ll say this until the end of time. It’s the Golden Rule of the winter wardrobe. I’m not sure this even needs to be a tip anymore but it’s always worth reiterating. If you want the breakdown of the mechanics of layering then you’ll want to read my ” 3 Tips to Perfect the Art of Layering” post.

Go Long

It’s time for long sleeves and hemlines. I love tunics because they add vertical height and cover your bum. Choosing longer & oversized items helps to keep you warm without being bulky.

Sleek & Chic

Hate when your scarf snags your earrings or necklace? I love bold jewelry but in the colder months when I tend be heavily layered I prefer jewels more minimalistic. It’s also the time of year I tend to wear a watch because it gets so dark so early. I’m always surprised when I check the time & it’s only 4pm.

winter, Winter Wardrobe Essentials

winter,Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Winter Beauty

* Grandiose Liner by Lancôme – this line has quickly become my favorite. I love the brush which makes it easy to do winged liner.

* Beauty Marked Eyeshadow by Mac – When I just want a light eyeshadow I reach for this one. It’s easy to apply to the lid and blend out into the crease to create a soft beautiful eye

*Fit Me Matte Foundation by Maybelline – This is by far my favorite drugstore foundation. It’s easy to build coverage and gives a natural finish. It also feels so light on the skin.

* Radiant Creamy Concealer by NARSThis is no surprise to my long-time readers. It’s my holy grail concealer.

winter,Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Love my watch? Shop it here

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winter,Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Top 10 Favorite
Winter Wardrobe Essentials

1. Turtlenecks

2. Black Booties

3. Sleek Watch

4. Comfortable Dark Pants/Denim

5. Wrap Coat

6. Oversized Blanket Scarfs

7. Wool socks

8. Navy or Maroon Crewneck sweaters

9. Leather gloves

10. Oversized Blazers

Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Can you believe Thanksgiving is this week? Time has been moving so quickly. If you’re like me and the holiday really just snuck up on you. You might be scrambling for something to wear. It seems a little absurd to just sit in the living room but most us like to dress up for this day. It makes it feel special. ya know?

I created this last minute Thanksgiving Day outfit to work whether your family festivities require a formal or casual dress code. You’ll be able to accessorize accordingly. A long black dress with a bit of stretch is perfect for this day. It’ll keep you warm, looking great & comfortable. I’ve picked out a few options that can be bought in store if you scroll all the way down.

It’s coat season. Trench coats are one of the easiest ways to elevate a look. You all know I live by this saying which is why I like to invest in quality coats. This particular coat is by Reformation and is amazing. I’ve had it for about 2 years now and I never see myself getting rid of it.

To tie everything together I decided on green accessories. It really pops against the black of the dress and the camel of the coat. I usually like to pair 3 colors in my outfit if I’m not doing a monochromatic look. It’s my method and always helps keep my outfits balanced and chic. If you guys would like more insight into my “styling methods”  just leave a <3 in the comments.

The Makeup Look

Vampira Liquid Lipstick by Kat Von D

Fit Me Foundation by Maybelline ( My Shade is Spicy Brown)

 Outfit Details

Trench Coat by Reformation (lovelove, great price)

Bag by Zara

Heels by Gianvito Rossi

Earrings by Bauble Bar (similar, love these too)

Dress via Asos

Last Minute Thanksgiving Day Outfit

Chic Long Black Dress


Why I Love Being Curious + A Casual Fall Look

curious, ootd, outfit of the day, fall look

curious, ootd, outfit of the day, fall look

All my life I’ve always been naturally curious. It’s one reason I used to love going on car rides with my parents as a child. I’d be fascinated by all the scenarios taking place outside my window. And I just observe in silence. Eventually, all that observing led to many questions and I’d bombard my mom and dad with them.

The first time we ever drove to New York as a family was an eye opening experience for me. I was enthralled by all the different communities from the suburban hills, to the lakes, bridges, buildings to the corner stores. It’s what sparked my interest in culture, art and history. I wanted to know what shaped communities, languages and the origin of all the different music we’d hear driving down a street in Brooklyn. I also wanted to know why New Yorkers drove so crazy but that question wouldn’t cross my mind until years later.

Today, I’m still just as curious. Which is why I love walking around my neighborhood and discovering new details. One which happens to be this stone pillar just chilling in the middle of a parking lot. Which we couldn’t resist shooting in front of because it contrasted with my outfit pretty nicely. I also find people tend to stop and watch when we’re shooting photos. A lot of times they ask questions and we’ll just have a conversation. It’s just nice. Nice to learn about the people who make up our community while I’m doing something I love.  Because as I got older I learned that it’s the people who shape the communities.




My Makeup Look


Outfit Details

Shoes by Marc Fisher

Jacket by Topshop

Choker by AMY O

Scarf by Michael Stars

Sweater by Asos

Jeans by Nasty Gal

curious, ootd, outfit of the day, fall look


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Photos by Summers Photography

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How to Improve Your Blog + Instagram Photography

photography, blog photograpy, fashion photograpy, mixing metals, and other stories

photography, blog photograpy, fashion photograpy, mixing metals, and other stories

Skyscrapers. Traditional Brownstones. Posh coffee shops. Those famous shopping streets in every major city. They make great backdrops for outfit photos or that perfect brunch Instagram shot. You know what also makes for great photos & better stories? Your neighborhood. 

We get asked so much about the photography on the blog that I thought I’ll answer a few of the questions we get most. I want to preface this q + a by saying I believe photos should tell a story. This is why I prefer to make a plan before I shoot a new post. I write these down in the note section of my editorial calendar. If I need to do a more elaborate plan I use Evernote. The point being I want to know the purpose and narrative I want to convey. This makes it easier to pick a location, the right lens and what time of day to shoot. Which is why I love shooting right in my neighborhood most of the time because there are so many spots where I have a personal story or there’s a fun history that can tie into the post.

It’s all about finding a unique perspective that speaks to your brand and aligns with the message you’re trying to convey. It’ll make it easier for others to connect with you through your photos as well.

So before your next shoot take some time and craft a story.

Maybe that flower shop you’re shooting in front of is the same one who did your sweet sixteen and wedding flower arrangements. Create a story around that while showcasing your outfit.

If you live near beautiful mountains maybe try shooting some evening dresses there. The juxtaposition of the shot is going to be so stunning while giving you a unique perspective. It’s something say a blogger in NYC wouldn’t be able to do. It could be anything just find your own perspective that speaks to your brand. Then get creative.

I want to say I’m honored you all love the photography on the blog. It inspires us to keep improving. Now let’s get into these questions.


The Q +A

What do we use to edit the photos?

This is easy. Lightroom all the way. Sometimes I may pop a photo into photoshop if it needs a bit more retouching or I want to add a cool effect. Like the opaque border on the photo above.

I created presets for the blog and my Instagram which is the foundation of my editing process. Then I build on it from there. It makes it easy to keep all my photos on brand and cohesive. If this is something you need help with ask a photographer friend or you can check out, Dreamy Presets. She sells photography presets specifically for fashion bloggers.

How can I up my blog/Instagram photography?

I’m going to focus mostly on blog photography but if you want a part two all on Instagram/social media let us know.This is really personal preference. However, I’d say focus on lighting, composition, mood and the story. Finding good lighting is half the battle to taking better photos. My brother & I love shooting late in the day. About an hour or two before sunset, hence why the planning above is so crucial.

Really get creative with the composition of the photo. This is my favorite tip. Try taking photos from high angles, low angles, maybe play with how the light is reflecting off a surface. It will make your photos more visually appealing, show off the clothing better and give you photos that will work across all your social media. After we get shots for the blog my brother always snaps photos that will work great for Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. It takes a little bit longer but it makes for better content when you tailor your photos for each platform.

Lastly, think about what you want to convey and tell a story. Do you want your outfit to feel aspirational or attainable? Are you trying to teach your audience a few useful tips for styling bell sleeve tops? You can do this visually by shooting the outfit with multiple backgrounds, throughout different times in the day and your movement in front of the camera. For example, in this look, I knew I wanted to highlight how to mix metals/hardware finishes without them clashing. I communicated this to my brother and he prioritized highlighting the different metals in the blog photos.

What camera do you use?

We use a Nikon D3300 with a 35mm Nikkor lens mostly. I know a lot of bloggers use Canon but I just love Nikon. I remember being maybe 17 when my parents decided to get me my first camera. They said I could get whatever brand I wanted and me being me, I researched it. Well, I typed into Google “Best Cameras for Fashion Photography” and there was a camera by Nikon that was the number one used in the industry. I was sold and it’s been the only brand I ever used.

I want to end this Q+A by saying just keep switching things up, it’s the best way to grow.Try to stay with a consistent photographer because the more you work together, the better the chemistry and the better the photos. My brother has been taking my photos since 2014 he knows my best angles, how I like certain items shot and how to handle my perfectionist tendencies. We still bicker during shoots all the time but we always get the right shots. If you have more questions let us know and we’ll do more of these.

The color is what initially sold me on this sweater and how soft and non-scratchy the mohair wool is. I was itching to wear this sweater for so long. But we all know Fall has been late to the party so this gem stayed put in my closet. Which is unfortunate because now it’s no longer available but I do have my eye on a few other sweaters from this brand. If you’re on the hunt for more fall pieces you can shop my wishlist below.


Outfit Details

Jeans by Zara

Booties by Zara

Sweater by & Other Stories

Leather Jacket by Topshop

Bag by Danielle Nicole via Nordstrom

photography, blog photograpy, fashion photograpy, mixing metals, and other stories

Styling Tip ·When mixing metals or different finishes use accessories to balance it out and keep the overall look cohesive. I'm wearing a leather jacket that has chrome hardware and booties with gold finishes. So in choosing my accessories, I went for a bag with gold hardware and a couple rings in each finish. Lastly, I tucked in my sweater to show off the chrome hardware on my jeans. Choosing pieces with subtle hardware and evenly distributing the metals keeps them from clashing.

& Other Stories Sweater Wish List ( click to shop)

photography, blog photograpy, fashion photograpy, mixing metals, and other stories

Photos by Summers Photography

 FTC Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been used


Remember Why You Started | Note From Lay

Going back to our roots is always necessary for life. When you feel lost, uninspired or you need validation that you’re on the right path. Lately, I’ve been really evaluating my life and checking to see if it’s headed where I imagine. I’ve asked myself if I’m walking in my truth, following my destiny and am I doing what I feel deep in my spirit I’ve been called to do. The answer is yes and no. Here’s why.

I started this blog for a few reasons.

1. As a place to share all my stories and push my creativity. Whether they were true or figments of my imagination.

2. To answer all the questions I received about where I shop or what deep conditioner I used on my hair

3. As an ode to the women who inspired me the most, especially my mom and grandma

Along the way one of these reasons got lost. That being the storytelling. It was a struggle for me to figure out where my creative stories would fit on the blog. Following all the blogging advice of sticking to a niche, focusing on adding value in one area but at the same time have a unique perspective. Honestly, following advice from too many people just left me feeling lost. Just the way obsessing over numbers, growth, success left me uninspired. Taking a step back to gain some perspective helped me to realize my storytelling is who I am and makes me unique.

I fell in love with fashion, books, art and writing from a young age. I was very shy and didn’t like to speak much but I was so curious about the world. So I observed everything and then I’d create my own stories. Sometimes those stories would be in the form of fashion collages, my closet doors were covered in cutouts from my favorite looks in Seventeen and Vogue growing up. Other times those stories were sketches in a random notebook. I always just let my imagination run wild. So I’m going to remember why I started and go back to my roots.

I love the community we’ve built here on the blog and across social media. I love speaking and connecting with all of you. This blog is becoming so much more than I imagined. I feel so grateful and blessed. So I hope you all will enjoy how I weave in these changes, personal stories, and the increased creativity.

It is because of this change that now I’ll be able to answer yes when asked if I’m walking in my truth and destiny.You ever have a dream that is beautiful you wish it were real. We are given the blessings to make our dreams come true. Go make them a reality but always remember why you started.


My Favorite Fall Color Combo

Fall color combo, how to wear burgundy this fall , song of style

Fall color combo, how to wear burgundy this fall , song of style

Another fall season, new fall obsessions. Going deep, dark and edgy is usually the go-to vibe for the season. My favorite fall color combo shouldn’t come as a surprise then. It’s all about the burgundy and gray. I love wearing different shades of gray, especially in the cooler months because it just fits my vibes. Issa vibe, ya know?

Suede is the little obsession of mine that isn’t going away. Here’s why:

  1. Suede makes any item look more luxe, therefore, it always elevates a look.
  2. It pairs well with matte or patent finishes which means every piece of your outfit will pop. And on a whole look a lot more seamless
  3. Well, it just feels nice * shoulder shrug*

Those are the reasons suede is always a staple in my closet. When I’m wearing such fitted denim and top I love to have pieces that create movement and depth. Cue, the suede, and burgundy. The fringe detailing on the jacket and bucket bag help to create a nice movement which looks great in photos.

I’m always preaching about how to tie everything together. One way to do this without being matchy is with finishes and accessories. There were gold finishes on the hardware of my bag and shoes, therefore, I did gold earrings to create flow from head to toe.

I have a post upcoming up this month that will give you a more in-depth breakdown. So stay tuned and share your favorite fall color combo in the comments.

Fall color combo

Outfit Details

Turtleneck by Topshop

Jeans by Topshop

Shoes by Marc Fisher

Bag by Ann Taylor

Jacket by Azalea

FTC Disclaimer: Affiliate links have been used


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