Funny story.  I totally realized I might have a fear of heights while  shooting this look. I like to incorporate the vibe of the outfit i’m shooting into the entire post, so I scout locations based on how well it integrates with the outfit.  This outfit made me feel bold, risky and like a boss so I wanted to shoot atop this bridge that hovers over an expressway because in my head I thought I was a badass! I had all these cool poses in mind that I wanted to do as we ( me & my photographer for the day) were walking to the bridge but the minute I got up there I choked ! I hadn’t realized just how high up we would be but nonetheless I found enough courage to get a few poses in but definitely not the full array I had planned. Maybe, one day but just not that day !

This look was inspired by my brother’s obsession with bucket hats and my growing addiction to hats in general. I bought my brother and me bucket hats from KYC Vintage and finally bought the dress I’m wearing after drooling over it. It turned out to be a great match, paired with a few accessories I already owned and VOILA ! I hope you enjoy this look and my BTS ( behind the scenes) story. Leave me your thoughts below.

Dress: Missguided | Shoes: H&M | Hat: KYC Vintage| Clutch: Target| Chain: Missguided

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