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I noticed a few of you mentioning you’re on the go alot and would love to know how to still look stylish. This is a common theme as everyday women are juggling many different tasks and filling multiple roles. This leaves little time to think about your appearance, but the desire to look good is still there.

I created an easy and comfortable look featuring a few of my favorite items at the moment. A sweater paired with jeans combo is a great “easy” yet chic look for fall/winter style. Having this as a go-to option in your closet will make it super easy to look put together when you only have 5 -10 mins to get dressed. Now that we’ve laid a basic foundation, the hard part is choosing the items. First, focus on the fit. You want to find a pair of jeans that hug you nicely but have a bit of stretch to avoid having to pull them up every 2 seconds. My jeans are from Zara so they’re affordable as far as denim but still give a nice fit. Next, picking a top was easy for me because I adore this sweater and I’m excited to finally share it on the blog today. A sweater should have a little breathing room but not be too baggy. As a rule of thumb, if you can’t see your boobs or natural waistline, you need to go down a size. Shoes are going to differ for everyone, an on the go shoe for me are my Jessica Simpson’s boots but for you, it may be a pair of moccasins.

My last tip to look put together and energized is to focus on your face. On days when I look a bit tired I use a highlighter to lift my face. My favorite at the moment is the shimmering skin perfector in the color opal by becca ( wearing in these photos) because it helps to add a nice glow to my face. I’m giving this away because I love it so much, If you’d like to enter to win scroll down. Please read and follow all the rules. Best of luck!

Sweater by Asos | Jeans by Zara | Bag by Ann Taylor | Boots by Jessica Simpson | Highlighter in Opal by Becca

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how to be chic on the go-14-3how to be chic on the go-3


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  1. I love your blog. Every style you post look amazing on you. But there’s something about the mustard sweater, with the thigh boots and matching bag that really grabbed my attention, I love it. Thanks for keeping me updated with the latest styles.

  2. I love this look. I appreciate your blog because it motivates me to really challenege myself and actually start dressing up and looking on point all the time. Whenever you post a new entry I am excited to see what your next look is! Keep it up!! You are an amazing person and your blog is just as great 🙂

  3. I absolutely love your heeled thigh high boots. I’ve been looking into getting a black suede pair from Public Desire but cannot seem to commit just yet.
    I suppose that that’s my biggest style struggle. Being able to take chances with my wardrobe and getting creative.
    Thigh high boots for example are definitely a standout outfit piece. They definitely make a statement, and you look awesome rocking this pair!

  4. hi Lay, I really value your blog entries because they are critical to the emerging young women that want to look chic, stylish, and confident. Your post always deliver that, and I thank you. I am always excited about your upcoming content. Thank you

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