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Happy Tuesday! I’m so excited to be putting up my first post of September because I have some new cool things in the works for you all. Speaking of those cool things you can check out one, here, I did an interview with Cecily Michelle. She is a writer on the rise with credentials from some prominent publications under her belt. It was that feature that inspired me to do this look i’m wearing today in resopnse to Cecily’s question “You seem like your fab all the time. How long does it usually take you to get dressed in the morning?” . It literally made me laugh because my besties ehm ( Karol and Mel) think I take forever to get ready but that is not always the case! An hour is not that long ( in my opinion) but there are days where I roll out of bed and get ready in 15 mins, ya know that instant chic?

It’s these days where I’m rocking my bedhead curly hair, no makeup and the most comfy of footwear in my closet. My chill days, bascially this look which is also featuring my favorite bag at the moment. It’s a sleek crossbody from Zara that was only $40 bucks, go get you one!  I’m usually dressed like this when I’m just having a chill day of hanging out at home or when I’m in recovery mode after a long weekend of celebrating. It was the latter of the two as we celebrated at our friend, Javaughn, going away party as he moves off to D.C for new opportunties. Let me know how you do your morning routine.


p.s. I’m a little backed up on emails but I will be getting reponses out to everyone this week. *muah*


Bag by Zara | Denim shorts by Calvin Klein | Top by Missguided | Loafers by Zara | Ring by Bar III | Bracelet c/o of Wil 🙂

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