5 Products to keep your curly hair moisturized this summer

curly hair moisturizedWe all love summer but it can take a toll on our hair if we’re not careful. Spending time in the sun, at the beach or jet setting to tropical destinations we want you to have great hair. It’s easy to overlook moisturizing your hair in the summer but it’s still super important to prevent split ends, cut down on breakage and growing long tresses. Since we are celebrating self-care on the blog this month we curated this list of products to help keep your curls hydrated and nourished all summer long. We’ve got you covered.

Don’t shy away from trying some of these products because you don’t have curly hair. These 5 products can work for many different hair types. Not to mention a hair mask and styling products that nourish and hydrate should be a part of every girl’s beauty arsenal.

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5 Products to Keep Your Curly Hair Moisturized

1| Algae Renew Deep Conditioner by Camille Rose

One of the best ways to moisturize and revitalize your strands is with a hair mask. This one by Camille Rose has been my favorite all year. I can talk about hair masks forever and they may get a dedicated post in the future. This deep treatment is full of great ingredients like cocoa and mango butter and aloe vera juice. Alone these ingredients are great for adding moisture, smoothing hair cuticles and adding a gorgeous shine to your hair but together they’re even better.

Why You’ll Love it: It’s infused with Blue Green Algae that helps to prevent thinning, strengthen hair and prevent breakage. It’s also packed full of vitamins and cruelty-free. Can you ask for more?

How to Use: When you have 10 – 20 mins to spare apply this mask to wet or dry hair and let your life be changed. Personally, I love applying on wet hair because it makes detangling a breeze.

Price: $19.99

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curly hair moisturized

2| BB Curl Defining Creme by Bumble and Bumble

This is one styling product that will do double duty: hydrate and define your curls. I love this product which you know if you follow me on snapchat. I’m always sharing my favorite products on there. On days when I short on time I apply this to slightly damp hair and go on about my day. My curls always thank me.

Why You’ll Love it: We all know keeping curly hair moisturized requires some TLC but this product makes it easy. The game changer here is that it has UV protection built in to protect your curls. You’ll hair will be defined, moisturized and with a layer of protection from the sun.

How to Use: Work into damp hair and style. You can skip all the other products you use in your hair routine.

Price: $16 – $31

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Tip: When deciding if a styling product can be used as a moisturizer check the ingredients list. 
The first ingredient should always be water.

3| Lavish Curls Moisturizer by Curls

This spray is great especially when your hair only needs a little pick me up. On the days I don’t want fuss with my hair or have the time. I reach for this to make sure my strands are well hydrated and wear my hair as is or pull it into a bun. Can we give a round of applause for it being paraben, sulfate, and silicone free?

Why You’ll Love it: It’s in a spray bottle. Daily use will reduce frizz and help your combat humidity. This is meant to be quick & easy.

How to Use: Spritz generously, fluff your curls out and go.


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4| Superfruit Multi-vitamin Leave -in or Rinse Out Conditioner by Shea Moisture

We all have left conditioner in our hair intentionally or by accident but with this product, it doesn’t matter. I love that this product isn’t too heavy but packs a big punch of moisture. Shea Moisture has been a brand I loved for a long time and this definitely one of my favorites by them. This product does soo much but what I love most is how soft it makes my hair.

Why You’ll Love it: It will make detangling a breeze, smells great and will make your hair super soft. Oh, and your hair will thank you for the hydration.

How to Use: Anyway you want. I tend to use it more as a leave in conditioner and it’s great to use in your hair before you hit the beach or pool.

Price: $8.99

curly hair moisturized, summer natural hair care5| Monoï Hair Milk by Earth’s Nectar

I have to start off by saying this product smells AMAZING! A little goes a long way with this product. It is a hair milk so it can be a bit heavy but it reminds me more of a hair butter. I’d reach for this if my hair is super dry and I don’t have the time for a deep treatment mask.

Why You’ll Love it: Great smelling hair with the most healthy shining hair. No dull strands over here.

How to Use: On damp or dry hair. Work in a dime size for each section of hair and then style

Price: $21.50


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