Faux Noire

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Skirt by Leith via Nordstrom | Turtleneck & Earrings by H&M | Boots by Chinese Laundry | Faux Fur Vest via Lightinthebox | Clutch by Zara

This past weekend as I avoided everything Halloween because honestly i’m not it, I started doing a closet edit. So, yes I was cleaning out my closet on a Saturday night but that is besides the point. It was during this time while in deep thought about whether I should organize by sleeve length/color or just color, the worst thing happened. *ques dramatic music* I had run out of hangers yet again (gasps). Seriously, this has become a bad habit; I shop then run out of hangers, run out to get more and tell myself I’d shop less but then some department store sends me an email with a discount code. The cycle begins again. Honestly, it’s not the shopping but the fact that i’m not evaluating my wardrobe on a regular basis. Therefore, I end up with way too many items I hardly wear. Does this sound familiar or is this just a “Lay problem” ? Anyway, I’m thinking of doing a series on how to edit your closet, would ya’ll be interested?

Let’s get into this outfit! Who doesn’t love an all black look sprinkled with the perfect amount of color? That closet edit did some good as I found pieces I haven’t worn in a bit but really do love. Anytime, I’m going to dress all in one color I like to pay attention to texture and pattern. These are two details that can still make an all black look fun and interesting. The faux fur paired with my crackled Leith skirt are a perfect combo while the clutch ties everything together. My favorite part of the look are my thigh high boots! Every time, I wear these I feel badass,there’s no other way to feel.

I want to challenge you all take a look at your closets this week and try to create new looks with pieces you haven’t worn in awhile. Feel free to tweet me your looks or use the hashtag #laysummers on instagram ! I’d love to see what you all come up with. Until next time…

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  1. Love the Faux Noire look, the teal makes the outfit!
    Do you have any tips on vintage pieces or some thrift stores that you reccomend for great finds?
    I would love the “back to cool” lipstick!

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