3 Easy Steps to More Flawless Skin


flawless skin, nip + fabWe all want flawless skin. I’ll be honest I didn’t really get into skin care until I turned 23. After, going through a little stint of acne in high school my mom took me to a dermatologist who prescribed a treatment. That was the end of my acne and I never looked back or paid much attention to my skin care beyond the basics. I believed I’d always have great skin without needing to do much. haha. 

As I got older I realized how untrue that was and I enjoyed learning about skin care. Let’s be real I also love trying out new products. Over the years I’ve collected a bit of knowledge on getting flawless skin. My skin isn’t perfect. However, I found using this steps helps to reduce breakouts, even out skin tone and keep my skin glowing.

I was thrilled to be introduced to a skincare and makeup brand whose products make it even easier to achieve smoother and more flawless skin. After spending an entire weekend adding a few of their products into my routine, I can say they lived up to my expectations. I love that each of their products is built to target a specific skin care concern. Those are the type of products that always work best.

Keep reading to see how Nip + Fab can help you achieve flawless skin.

3 Easy Steps to More Flawless Skin

flawless skin, nip and fabStep 1 | Drink Lots of Water and Use a Good Mask

We are what we eat. It’s cliché but true. If there’s one thing your skin needs it is hydration. So drinks lots of water and use a good face mask. Masks provide so many different benefits to your skin. I’m using the Glycolic Instant Face Mask that helps to reduce the appearance of pores while also brightening and smoothing out your skin.

Step 2 | Moisturize

Moisturizer is soo important and should be apart of everyone’s skincare routine. Flawless skin looks hydrated and healthy with a vibrant glow. I prefer gel textured moisturizers because I have combination skin and helps with keeping my skin from becoming too oily. To enhance your skin add two drops of the Viper Venom Fix to create smoother skin and help your moisturizer due double duty.

Step 3 | Always use a primer

Whenever I wear makeup a primer is a must. It helps your foundation to last longer, go on smoother and creates a barrier between your skin and makeup. This all helps to keep your skin looking great. The Viper Venom Micro Blur Fix serum takes it a step further. It does everything a primer would while also mattifying the skin to dimish the appearance of oil and shine. Instead, it gives your skin a subtle dewy glow.

You can see how flawless my skin and makeup looked in photos, here.


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Thank you to Nip + Fab and Collectively for partnering on this post. Products c/o of Nip + Fab. All opinions are my own.

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