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Gray Scale

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Cowl Neck Top by Ann Taylor| Skirt by H&M | Heels by DVF | Clutch by French Connection

Life is very unpredictable. Even when you have the best-laid plan there can be unexpected obstacles to pop up. I typically like to post my outfit looks on Mondays or Wednesdays. I usually plan to shoot them the weekend before they go up which works fine 98% of the time. There’s always that 2% risk that something could go wrong and it did Sunday night.

 For some reason beyond my understanding, my photos would not import into my laptop properly. I tried everything and it took me a day to figure out the issue. Hence, this post was not up yesterday. At first, I was a bit annoyed my schedule was thrown off but I do believe anything that arises in one’s path good or bad, has a purpose. If you’re capable of seeing the lesson in your problems then the value has been added to your life. Always be grateful for it.

Just as I was grateful for the slightly upbeat fall temperatures that allowed me to flaunt this fun sexy but classy look. A pencil skirt is pretty much the poster child for the sexy but classy look. It’s a very flattering cut for a skirt that accentuates a women’s curves. Every time I wear one I feel a bit bolder and empowered. It’s crazy but true. I went for a look completely on the gray scale because I’ve been in love with my top from Ann Taylor. Like literally, worn it way too many times for a new purchase. It’s just one of those pieces that transition so nicely from the office to the weekend. I’m thinking of going back to get it in a few more colors. Tis all darlings! Have a happy Tuesday.

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