Green Smoothies Perfect for Summer

I am sharing two of my favorite green smoothie recipes for summer. I found these recipes while doing the 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge in July offered by Jen and Jadah of Simple Green Smoothies. They offer these live challenges four times a year, where the goal is to drink at least one green smoothie a day for 30 days. They email you every Thursday with a shopping list and recipes to help you prepare for the week. The next live challenge is in October, sign up here.

green smoothies for summerI love green smoothies because they are an easy way to incorporate healthy foods into your diet. Drinking one a day really can be so beneficial for your health by boosting your energy and your immune system among other things. I started drinking them back in college and regularly include them in my diet because what you put in your body is so important. If you’re new to making green smoothies, I highly recommend checking out Jen and Jadah’s site, they have a lot of tips and tricks for newbies. Let me know if you give these a try!

Green Smoothie #1: SWEET FREEDOM

2 cups fresh spinach
2 cups coconut milk, unsweetened ( I used coconut water)
1 cup strawberries
1 cup blueberries
1 banana

Green Smoothie #2: PEACHES N’ CREAM

2 cups fresh spinach
2 cups almond milk, unsweetened
2 peaches, pitted*
1 banana
¼ teaspoon cinnamon
*Can substitute peaches with mango.


1. Blend the spinach with your liquid base first.

2. Add in the fruit and continue to blend.

3. Enjoy!

 [disclaim]Photo courtesy of Simple Green Smoothies.[/disclaim]

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