Grow Longer Hair : My Guide for Healthy Hair

 grow longer hair

My Guide for Healthy Hair

I get so many questions about how to grow longer hair and how I care for my natural hair that I decided to put together this list to provide some answers.  These tips have proven to be essential in keeping my hair healthy and in retaining length. I hope these prove useful to you as well and if you have any more questions please leave them below.

  1. Consistent Routine
    • I am one for all things spontaneous in most areas of my life. However, my hair care process is not one of them. I keep a consistent routine of weekly washing and deep conditioning with protein treatments every other month to maintain balance in my hair. I find a consistent routine creates the best environment for healthy hair to be achieved.
  2. Limit your inner product junkie
    • You know that little voice in your head enticing you to impulsive buying. DO NOT LISTEN! Turn away from the products and walk out the store. First, your bank account will thank you. Second, your hair will thank you. Here’s why! Constantly, trying new products at once makes it hard to figure out what’s working. What I like to do is a one for one swap. Switching out only one product at a time and keeping the rest of my staples the same.
  3. Oil Detangling
    • This may not work for everyone but it definitely works wonders for me especially if my hair has been extra dry throughout the week (i.e. I was been extremely lazy with daily upkeep of my mane). I simply part out my hair in four sections and finger detangle with coconut oil (you can opt for you fave oil).  Once, I’m done I twist each section and throw on a plastic shower cap and wrap my head with a towel. I leave the oil in my hair for about 30 minutes or until I finish catching up on an episode of my current Netflix binge before rinsing it out and continuing with my routine. (Tip: you can leave the oil on for a longer period of time to increase softness and shine.)
  4. Limiting Harsh treatments
    • No coloring, No relaxers, and limited heat usage
  5. Consistent Deep Conditioning
  6. Trimmed Nails
    • Chipped or jagged nails will snag your hair and break individual strands that can cause split ends or breakage. I’ve been a victim of this one too many times, now I  make sure to have a fresh manicure before any extensive handling of my hair.
  7. Less is More
    • When it comes to ingredients of course. I tend to lean toward brands that maximize the amount of natural ingredients they use in their products to limit the number of harsh chemicals that come into contact with my hair.



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