How to Wear Bold Statement Pieces

how to wear bold statement pieces


I’m sending positive vibes that you all are well. Last week we talked about how to look stylish in 10 mins and about subtle statement pieces. You all really liked it and wanted more content like it.

This week I wanted to follow up and talk about how to wear bold statement pieces. They are just as important as subtle statement pieces however they are a bit more tricky to pull off.

Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend gravitating towards them if you’re limited on time but it can be done. That will come later but for now let’s break down my outfit.

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how to wear bold statement pieces
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How To Wear Bold Statement Pieces

The cardigan I’m wearing today is by the brand Villa and is super gorgeous. The pattern and color palette make it one of the bolder pieces in my wardrobe. It’s not an item I grab for every day but when I do wear it, I let it be center stage.

1. Keep the color palette limited.

With pairing bolder statement pieces I do believe the rest of the outfit palette should be a bit reserved. Instead, choose pieces that have different textures so the look doesn’t fall flat or become too busy.I chose to pair the cardigan with my black sheen asos jeggings, leather clutch, and suede Sam Edelman booties. Although all the items are black they have different textures and finishes. This provides a dynamic look.

2. Play up the strength of the statement piece.

Examine your piece and see if there is a unique detail you can highlight in it. My cardigan has these cool triangle shapes and this really pretty pop of yellow. I drew attention to that by wearing a pair of circle yellow earrings. The earrings aren’t as bright but are a few shades lighter. This gives a nice balance of color throughout the entire look.

Don’t worry I’ll break this down more in future posts! Leave a comment if you find this helpful.
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  1. This is great! I have all of the above items except the long sleeve white blouse. I will get it before the weekend is over. Thanks for the tips

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