Note From Lay : 2018

I’m quietly easing into 2018. I took the first two weeks of the year off because it was the only time I’ll have for an extended break this year. Also, the end of 2017 left me quite exhausted as I didn’t wrap up my last campaign until the very end of December. Nevertheless, I have a plan and goals down for the blog for 2018. One area getting a lot more love will be more hair related posts. You all have been asking and when I did a poll on Instagram over 90% of you wanted more hair related content. So this year I will be sharing more of my hair secrets and answering all your questions.

I also wanted to say thank you to your wonderful selves. You all left me the sweetest and most encouraging comments in 2017 and you truly don’t understand how much I appreciated it. It was because of you that I finally felt confident in tackling one of my goals I set this past birthday: to work on writing my novel.  I’m happy to share that I’ve written over 10k words on a novel I started in December and will keep you all updated on this throughout the year. Lastly, this year will be filled with major style and beauty posts. I hope you all are ready for another year together.

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