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The August Book List + Introducing the Book Club

August was a slow reading month for me. I only read one book even though I had intended to read more. The month just became so busy for me and I didn’t set aside any time for reading. It happens. However, I’m back on my regular reading schedule for September. I have so many books series I want to finish plus…

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Why do you love Fashion?

Growing up I begged my mom for magazine subscriptions. I wanted Seventeen, Vogue, W, Harper Bazaar, Essence, and Ebony. Can you believe she actually ordered me 4-year subscriptions to all of them? Each month I’d receive the newest editions and pour over them for hours. I read them cover to cover and studied them. My closet doors were covered with the…

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Transitioning into Fall with the Leather Mini Skirt

There are only a few weeks lefts of summer. Fall is quickly coming upon us and I wanted to share a look for transitioning into fall fashion. I love a good leather faux mini skirt and I’m sure you know this by now. Apparently, I must give thanks to designer, Mary Quant, as she is credited with inventing the mini skirt….

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My Morning Skincare Routine | Summer Edition

My morning skincare routine is really simple. I usually don’t have a ton of time in the morning plus I’ve never been the one for elaborate morning routines. I usually prefer to throw on a podcast before hopping in the shower. Lately, I’ve been loving The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon and The Joel Osteen Podcast. I love starting my…

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What to wear on the days you don’t want to get dressed?

What to wear on the days you don’t want to get dressed? Bodysuit and joggers. This is my go to uniform on the rare days I just don’t want to get dressed. It usually happens on the days when I’m in a crazy work coma and glued to my laptop. Alas, even then I may need to run out to do…

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5 Steps to Make Cleaning out Your Closet Easier Forever

Cleaning out our closets are necessary from time to time. It could be for the change in season. Or you moved and don’t have as much closet space. Perhaps you needed to revamp your style or got a new job. Whatever your reason this task has to be done. Cleaning out your closet can be a tedious and time heavy…

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The Most Comfortable Sports Bra Ever

This past week I’d been really drained. I have so many things in the work so when Sunday rolled around I just wanted to chill. I didn’t have much to do except recover from a pretty bad allergic reaction, run a few errands and wait for Games of Thrones. Can we talk about this season?!  I love the dragons and…

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4 Goals for 26 + The Perfect Birthday Dress

This is the fourth year that I’m sharing my birthday outfit. It’s crazy to me that this is the fourth year I’ve been blogging. Last year was all about my version of the birthday suit. However, I’m infamous for the birthday dresses and went back to my roots this year. This Mara Hoffman dress is the perfect birthday dress. It’s…

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5 Lip Colors to Try This Month

Trying a new lip color is the easiest way to spruce up our makeup routine. It’s also the one thing that is still great to wear in the warmer months, unlike our heavy foundations. This is a curated list of 5 lip colors you need to try this month. Each of these colors is amazing in their own right from the…

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