Queen Bey

Beyoncé wore a similar outfit which she posted on her Instagram a few weeks back but I swore I wore this way before I saw her post. My girls and I went out to a new spot called Harborside to kick off my birthday weekend & this was my assemble for the event. I chose to keep it sexy up top but more subtle on the bottom with a sexy but not to revealing skirt. That is always my dilemma when choosing outfits for a night out, I don’t want to look too casual but I also don’t want to show too much. I always strive for that perfect medium. Anyway, I have a few more end of summer looks to share with you all before the sweater weather looks start rolling in. As always, leave your thoughts in the comments below and thanks for reading.

Top: Tobi |Skirt : Missguided | Shoes : Steve Madden | Jacket : French Connection






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