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Going back to our roots is always necessary for life. When you feel lost, uninspired or you need validation that you’re on the right path. Lately, I’ve been really evaluating my life and checking to see if it’s headed where I imagine. I’ve asked myself if I’m walking in my truth, following my destiny and am I doing what I feel deep in my spirit I’ve been called to do. The answer is yes and no. Here’s why.

I started this blog for a few reasons.

1. As a place to share all my stories and push my creativity. Whether they were true or figments of my imagination.

2. To answer all the questions I received about where I shop or what deep conditioner I used on my hair

3. As an ode to the women who inspired me the most, especially my mom and grandma

Along the way one of these reasons got lost. That being the storytelling. It was a struggle for me to figure out where my creative stories would fit on the blog. Following all the blogging advice of sticking to a niche, focusing on adding value in one area but at the same time have a unique perspective. Honestly, following advice from too many people just left me feeling lost. Just the way obsessing over numbers, growth, success left me uninspired. Taking a step back to gain some perspective helped me to realize my storytelling is who I am and makes me unique.

I fell in love with fashion, books, art and writing from a young age. I was very shy and didn’t like to speak much but I was so curious about the world. So I observed everything and then I’d create my own stories. Sometimes those stories would be in the form of fashion collages, my closet doors were covered in cutouts from my favorite looks in Seventeen and Vogue growing up. Other times those stories were sketches in a random notebook. I always just let my imagination run wild. So I’m going to remember why I started and go back to my roots.

I love the community we’ve built here on the blog and across social media. I love speaking and connecting with all of you. This blog is becoming so much more than I imagined. I feel so grateful and blessed. So I hope you all will enjoy how I weave in these changes, personal stories, and the increased creativity.

It is because of this change that now I’ll be able to answer yes when asked if I’m walking in my truth and destiny.You ever have a dream that is beautiful you wish it were real. We are given the blessings to make our dreams come true. Go make them a reality but always remember why you started.


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