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Mother nature has been quite a sly fox and I keep falling for her tricks each time. I spent the week going through my closet to pull together some fall looks to shoot for you all over the weekend. However, when the weekend arrived it felt like summer all over again ! I’m not complaining at all though, I love warmer weather. Therefore, I dove back into my closet and pulled together a more weather appropriate look that was a blend of summer and fall fashion, hence the crop top and fun hairstyle paired with the textured leather black skirt.

I was very excited to find this spot to shoot photos, the way the rocks are layered reminded of the pattern texture of the skirt. The rocks represent to me strength and beauty which are characteristics I wanted to capture in this look.Shooting this look was fun and challenging, apparently it’s not so easy balancing on rocks in heels. I had quite a few scares where I was certain I was going to fall and sprain something. Luckily, I was fortunate enough to come out unscathed.

Top: Criminal Damage from Asos | Shoes: C.Label | Skirt: Leith from Nordstrom| Earrings: Francesa’s

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