Sea Salt Body Scrub

Beach days, BBQs, Caribbean vacations, camping, late brunches or reading in a cabana. However, you plan to spend your summer one accessory you’ll want is beautiful skin. Try my favorite d.i.y body scrub to put your best skin forward. This scrub will help to smooth out your skin and help even skin tone.

Here’s what you’ll need

Sea Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lavender Essential Oil ( optional)
Glass jar/ container
Measuring Cup


  1. Measure one cup of sea salt and pour into the glass container

  2. Next, measure a 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil and pour into a bowl

  3. Then, take half a lemon ( or a whole one, your choice) and squeeze it to the bowl with the olive oil. Mix well. Add Lavender Essential oil ( or your own personal favorite). Mix well.

  4. Pour the mixture in the bowl into the container with the sea salt. Let the oil settle.

  5. Once the oil settles, shake it up. Then, Enjoy!!






Extra Tips

  • I prefer to use this as soon as I get in shower, definitely before shaving !
  • It’s best to use an oil on your skin after the shower to help hydrate and add a glow. My favorite oil to use is extra virgin coconut oil
  • Make sure the container you choose has an airtight lid ( I purchased mine from Michael’s)
  • I wouldn’t recommend to use this on the face because the sea salt may be a bit abrasive. I have another scrub I like to use for my face, stay tuned.
  • This scrub makes a great, inexpensive gift. I gave it to my mom and aunt as part of a gift set for Mother’s Day and they loved it !

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