DSCN2546DSCN2551DSCN2579DSCN2583DSCN2567DSCN2569 - Version 2DSCN2553DSCN2548 I’ve had this cropped sweater in my closet for months now and had yet to wear it until I wanted to sparkle. Not, literally, in the Edward Cullen kinda way but I just wanted to add a touch of glam and something unexpected on a chilly fall day. We all know I love crop tops and I wear them year round. This outfit is a perfect example of how I wear them for fall and keep warm, layered with a blazer and paired with high-waisted pants. I love dressing with a neutral/cool toned palette and then bringing in doses of color with accessories or my shoes. Can we talk about my shoes, for ah second? I’m sure I experienced love at first sight when I saw them, I was just scrolling online when they popped up on my screen and I knew I had to have them. The pain was excruciating waiting for them to arrive in the mail, but then they arrived and the pain subsided. I may be being a bit dramatic but I do love when I feel intense passion or connections with my belongings because I know they will be apart of future memories. They serve as bookmarks to different moments of one’s life, like this crop top will always remind of the day, I wanted to sparkle. Thanks for reading and remember to talk to me in the comments !

p.s. My shoes are amazingly comfy !

Necklace: H&M | Cropped Sweater: Asos | Blazer: H&M (similar) | Denim: Asos | Shoes: Zara| Clucth: Express | Coat: Banana Republic (old)

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