Note From Lay : Just Start

Just start and make adjustments along the way. Every time I embraced this advice I gained something positive and beautiful. This blog started because of that advice despite that I knew absolutely nothing about blogging or sharing information online. As the months and years passed my brother and I worked hard to improve. We’ve also enjoyed every minute of it.

The last three years of my life have had some very tough transitions. In many ways, I became stuck and lost but you’d never know that from the outside. My life had a ton of stress and I felt weighed down.  I couldn’t find any peace, joy or purpose in my personal life or my career. My life continued in this perpetual limbo even while knowing deep in my spirit I had to make some drastic changes. Anytime change happens it’s hard. It is especially hard when the change requires letting yourself heal and letting go of guilt for things you can’t change. So, I put it off.

I’d lost my fire and ambition in life. Much of last year was me reclaiming it and forging a new path for myself. Letting go of fear and just taking life’s obstacles as they come. I’ve been learning not to let problems disturb my peace but instead go about finding a solution. There’s no use in harboring blame or dwelling on past failures. I’m excited to start on things I’ve been wanting to do and I will share more over the year.

As for this month’s, content expect to see a new segment, a guide for my curly haired girls and my tips on finding the perfect jeans. There will definitely be new life breathed into my content as continue to grow, dive deeper into my creativity and define my happiness.

For 2018 I’m turning this advice into my new mantra. I hope you will too.


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