6 Face Masks Perfect for Summer

face masks


Beaches, Vacations, BBQs, Hiking, Reading in the backyard. However, you’re planning to spend your summer you’ll probably be spending a considerable amount of time outside and celebrating. You definitely want to look and feel your best starting with taking care of your skin.

It is always a good idea to take a look at your skincare routine with the change of the seasons. Your skin may have different needs and it is just fun to try out new products. I keep a fairly simple regimen but I love trying out new face masks. They are one beauty product that definitely helps problem areas I want to target. For the summer months, I especially like masks that are going to really clear out those impurities and give me glowy skin.

Pick up a few of my recommendations and be assured that your skin care needs are met all summer long.



6 Face Masks Perfect for Summer

face masks

1.Kaolin Clay Detoxifying Facial Mask by Michael Todd 

What it does: This mask is great for drawing out impurities and toxins while helping to clear blemishes.

Why I love it: Gosh, I love really do love this mask. If you have oily/combination skin this is a great option for you. It really helps to clear up blemishes, prevents breakouts and has really helped even out my complexion. Not to mention it’s so lightweight and goes on super smoothly.

How to use it: I apply it after I wash my face and before using my toner for about 10 mins. I do it twice a week but it can be used up to 3 times a week.

Buy: Ulta

2. Luminizing Black Mask by Boscia 

What it does: This is a peel off masks that helps to absorb excess oil, improve skin clarity and help reduce pores.

Why I love it: Every time I use it my skin is glowing and so soft. It does a great job of deep cleaning your pores, they will definitely be unclogged after using this. Which is perfect for summer since we spend so much time outside, you want to make sure you’re getting along the impurities out.

How to use it: I suggest using it only once a week because it is a strong mask, preferably at night. I like to apply this before I get in the shower because it’s easier to wash off any residue let from peeling it off.

Buy: Sephora


face masks3. Collagen Essence Miracle Mask by Bio Miracle

What it does: It helps to brighten, improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Why I love it: Using this mask before I apply my makeup gives me the dewiest, glowing looking skin. It’s also my go to if I had a late night because it helps reduces any bags, rehydrates and perks up my skin.

How to use it: Definitely use this after you cleanse your skin. Once, you finish the mask do not wash or rinse your face instead you want to rub the remaining serum into your skin.

Buy: Target

4. Brightening Face Mask by Karuna

What it does: A sheet mask that is infused with a serum that brightens, gently exfoliates and reduces appearance of age spots

Why I love it: It great for hyperpigmented skin and leaves a nice glow. I also love that it is paraben and dye free.

How to use it: This is super easy, just leave on for 10 – 20 mins. The longer you leave it on the more intense the treatment.

Buy: Sephora

5. Clarifying Face Mask by Karuna

What it does: It does what a few of the other masks on this list does deep-cleans pores, removes excess oil but it also provides an oil-free hydration.

Why I love it: It’s great if I have a breakout and I want to clear it quickly while leaving my skin hydrated. Of course like the other masks from this brand, it’s paraben and dye free which is always a plus.

How to use it: This is super easy, just leave on for 10 – 20 mins. The longer you leave it on the more intense the treatment.

Buy: Sephora

6.Renewal Eye Mask by Karuna

What it does: Helps to reduce puffiness and dark circles. It also firms and tones the skin.

Why I love it: This is definitely my favorite of the Karuna brand because it focuses on that sensitive eye area. I love that this helps my bags so much and really brightens up that area. My concealer always goes on much smoother after using these.

How to use it: This is super easy, just leave on for 10 – 20 mins. The longer you leave it on the more intense the treatment.

Buy: Sephora

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face masks
face masks

5 Makeup Products I’m Loving & You Might too

makeup, master palette by mario

You ever have products that you own but never really got around to using? Then one day you do and you wonder how you got through life without them. That may be a tiny bit dramatic but you know I’m all for the dramatic. This list is those products that I rediscovered in my makeup collection and now are on heavy rotation.


The Top 5


Marc Jacobs Beauty Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Face Primer
Undercover Perfecting Coconut Face Primer by Marc Jacobs

What it does: It’s all in the name. This coconut infused primer claims to extend the wear of your makeup while smoothing out your skin.

Why I love it: I got this first as a sample size and randomly decided to use it one day. OMG, it felt like a moisturizer and it some ways was. It left my skin hydrated and blended nicely into it without leaving that white residue other primers do. This is definitely a great primer to use in the winter time. My foundation went on top so smoothly.

Price: $44


makeup, marc jacobs beauty
Genius Gel Foundation by Marc Jacobs

What it does: It’s a gel formula that adds radiance, hydrates and veils imperfections with a natural matte finish

Why I love it: Did you read what it does? I was raving about this on snapchat recently because of the flawless finish it gave my skin. It also photographs so beautifully. If you were wondering what foundation I was wearing in my photos lately, this is the answer. When paired with the coconut primer, it’s a dream combination.

My Color: 84 Cocoa- Medium

Price: $48


makeupContour Cream Kit by Anastasia

What it does: Carves out those cheekbones, baby!

Why I love it: The entire kit is great especially because I prefer a cream contour over powder. I just find creams blend easier and feel lighter on the skin.The range of shades she provides in this kit makes me want to sing. However, I love this kit simply for the shade Carob, it gives such a nice defined contour. Makes me so happy.

My Color:  The kit I use is Deep. Favorite shade is Carob.

Price: $40

 Spice Lipglass by MAC

What it does: Provides a subtle glass like glow to the lips

Why I love it: It’s such a pretty nude for a range of skin tones. Since it’s winter I’ve been gravitating towards lipglosses more over lipsticks. This gloss looks really natural and my lips look super moisturized and healthy. That’s a definite win in this winter weather.


makeupMaster Palette by Mario & Anastasia

What it does: Make your eyes look like they been kissed by a celebrity makeup artist heavyweight. Heyyyy Mario!

Why I love it: In all honesty the color, Bronx, made me fall in love with this palette. The colors have a soft texture that makes them blend really easily but still retain a high pigmentation. The colors pair so well that you can mix any of them and get a bomb eye look.

Favorite Color: Bronx

Price: $45

This was a limited edition palette and is sold out. However, Anastasia usually releases the single shadow colors for sale a few months after the palette is released. You may be able to still snag one on EBAY




My Favorite Lipsticks for Fall

If you had been wondering what lipsticks I had been wearing in my last couple outfit posts, this is for you. To say I have been killing these four lipsticks lately would be an understatement. I have quite a few lipsticks in my collection, but these four have been my go to’s since fall with the exception of amorous ( we’ve been kicking it heavy since summer).

The colors are so pigmented and look great with a range of complexions. I love pairing taupe with my chestnut lip liner for a natural/nude lip. If I want something a bit pinker but still natural I pair amorous with my morning coffee lip liner. When I want a deep rich color I go for either creature or nevermind which I wear without any lip liner. I think nevermind by Colourpop may be my favorite at the moment and the fact that it is only $6 bucks doesn’t hurt.

If you’re an email subscriber then you would know I have been considering doing a Colourpop giveaway, if that interests you leave the name of the item you want to win, here. Then make sure you’re subscribed to know when I announce the giveaway. Let me know what your fave lippies for the fall have been. Until next time…


Shop: Amorous | Creature | Nevermind | Taupe

Wearing Nevermind in Classic Twist & here | Wearing Taupe in Faux Noire

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4 Deep Conditioners for Ultra Hydrated Hair

I know you all have been asking me a ton of hair questions and I have answers for you! This is my list of some all-star deep conditioners I repeatedly purchase and keep on hand when I don’t have time to make my homemade one. I also, know you guys have been patiently waiting for me to share that d.i.y recipe, it’s coming soon along with my hair care routine.  I usually do a hair masque or deep conditioning treatment once a week, it’s the best balance for my hair. You can choose to do them more or less often depending on what your hair needs and this is a great list to try especially if you have curly hair.

I deep condition my hair to help keep it hydrated as curly hair needs it, especially if you want it to be healthy and grow. It’s a really quick and easy process that can be beneficial to your hair. I like these conditioners because they are full of good ingredients, help keep frizz in check and make detangling super easy while leaving my hair super soft. They also smell great! My favorite on this list lately has been the mixed chicks because my hair loves it and all my curly hairstyles look so bomb when I include it in my weekly routine. Let me know if you have any suggestions or your experience with these products.



Alba Botanica® Hawaiian Deep Conditioning Minute Mask Real Repair Cocoa Butter



Skincare Routine & How to Grow Longer Lashes

It’s beauty Tuesday! Today, I will be sharing with you all what I do for my skincare routine, day and night. I have a fairly simple routine, I don’t apply serums and eye creams and anti-wrinkle creams and all of that. Maybe I should buuut I don’t instead I stick to the basics of cleansing, exfoliating,toning, moisturizing with the occasional mask thrown in. I will also be sharing how I keep my lashes long and full. After, I finish my skin is perfectly prepped for doing my makeup, going au naturale or to sleep. Let me know your skin type and favorite products !

Day | Skincare Routine

1. Cleanse with Alba Botanica Coconut Cleasning Milk – I love that this has a creamy texture and is full of a lot of ingredients. Plus it doesn’t dry my skin out like some cleansers.

2. Tone with Thayer’s Lemon Witch Hazel – I love witch hazel. It has multiple purposes in my beauty routine not to mention lemon helps to even out skin tone.

3. Moisturize with Garnier Fructis Intense Gel Moisturize – I really like gels because I have oily skin on my forehead area but normal everywhere else. I don’t have to worry about my skin looking greasy or feeling dry. I have been using this gel for years but let me know if you all have other suggestions!

4. Deep Intensive Mask with Aztec Healing Clay – I use this mask about once or twice a month since it is pretty intense, it gives a really deep clean but be careful if you had sensitive skin and never place around the eye area

Night | Skincare Routine

1. I wipe down my face/remove make up with my Burt Bee’s Facial Towelettes. I switch back and forth between the cucumber melon and grapefruit

2. Use the witch hazel to remove any excess makeup or dirt

3. Cleanse with Neutrogena’s Oil Free Acne Wash in Grapefruit

4. Moisturize with Coconut Oil

5. Apply my oil mixture to my lashes and brows

If I have any pimples, I spot treat with either the Aztec healing clay or the Neutrogena’s rapid clear spot treatment. Applying toothpaste as a spot treatment works well also!

How I Grow My Lashes

I use a homemade oil mixture to help keep my lashes hydrated. It is the same concept of “sealing” when it comes to hair but just for your lashes.

Items Needed

8 ounce applicator bottle

Mascara Wand

Castor Oil/Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Coconut oil

  1. Fill the applicator bottle half way with Castor oil
  2. Then add about a 1/4 cup of olive oil and a 1/4 cup of coconut oil
  3. Shake it up well
  4. Apply to damp lashes with a clean mascara wand. You can also use this on your brows!

* I like to leave the mixture on overnight and wash my face as normal in the morning. Do what works best for you!

The Beauty Edit : Currently Loving


Happy Friday! I wanted to share with you all some of latest additions to my makeup collection I’ve been literally L-O-V-I -N-G. Honestly, they are the bomb.

The List

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette : These colors are very sexy and a little out of my normal comfort zone which makes the palette so fun to play in. Checkout Jackie Aina’s Channel on YouTube, she  has four beautiful looks featuring this palette.

M.A.C Mineralized Skin Finish in Gold Deposit : I use this has my first layer of highlight or on it’s own either way it adds a nice glow

Laura Geller’s Gilded Honey : This is just poppin’. Literally, your highlight will be on fleek, I like to layer it over my Gold deposit when I getting ready for a night out. It’s such a pretty combo, that I have been loving.

Sacha Cosmetics Buttercup Powder: This powder is light, blends well and can give a really natural or glam finish depending on the look you want. It works great at setting your concealer or undereye highlight

Makeup Forever HD Concealer (shade 365) : I go back and forth between this and my M.A.C prolong wear concealer to use as an undereye highlight. I really like this one except the design, it’s a little hard to apply but looks really nice for a natural day time look.

Eye Duty Triple Remedy by First Aid Beauty:  I was gifted this product back in May and have used it quite a bit. Even though I don’t have really dark circles or under eye bags, I love how my concealer goes on after I use this product, it really helps keeps it from creasing.

Becca Ever Matte Poreless Primer : This primer is love especially for summer. My forehead tends to get super oily during the warmer months with the rest of my face is normal and this primer really works wonders for me.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation in Deep Honey : This was the first time I tried a foundation from this line and wow ! It’s so creamy, easy to apply with a beautiful natural finish. It really looks like my skin. It’s definitely my go to at the moment.



My Secret Lovers List

I have a confession to make * Sigh* yes, I did the unthinkable. I cheated and it felt good. I ventured out and picked up some new products leaving my usual staples on the sidelines. These new products proved to definitely be worthy of my love. Click the links if you would like to try them out for yourself.



  1. Matcha Green Tea Face Scrub: This scrub is absolutely heavenly and by one of my fave brands, Rule No. 1 Love Thyself ! It is by far my new favorite face scrub made with 100% natural ingredients such as brown sugar and coconut oil that leave your skin baby soft. I love that this scrub is gentle enough to use everyday and leaves the skin glowing.
  2. Cantu Shea Butter Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream: My first love will always be my Curl Enhancing Smoothie by Shea Moisture but this one comes in a close second.  This cream gives a great hold, helps to retain moisture and still keep my hair soft no matter how I choose to style my hair. It smells great as well !
  3. Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner: I’d never thought I would find a store bought deep conditioner I’d love but this one definitely stole my heart. My curls were deeply hydrated, soft and shiny. This product impressed me and I will repurchase when I run out even though I love my homemade deep condition treatments.
  4.  Burt Bee’s Orange Essence Cleanser : Amazing ! It gives me a great deep clean without drying out my skin while evening out my skintone. This is the first time I tried any face products from this brand and I was thoroughly impressed.
  5. Via Nature’s Sweet Almond Oil: I use oil on my skin and hair after I shower to help lock in moisture and to avoid the harsher chemicals typically found in body lotions. My favorite oil is usually coconut oil but I’ve been reaching for  my sweet almond oil as of late. I find that it I prefer it on my skin over my coconut oil because my skin feels softer and more moisturized.  Just try this oil, I promise you’ll love it ( or at least I hope so !)

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