Last Summer Look

the last summer look, urban outfitters blogger style

the last summer look, urban outfitters blogger style


It’s technically, the last day of summer. I’ve been in fall mode for weeks now but the weather this past weekend was holding on to summer. It was still warm enough for me to squeeze out this last summer look. Every year it seems I always do an ode to summer post and the tradition continues this year.

I had intended on shooting a fall look but it was way too hot for turtleneck chunky sweaters. Instead, I decided to pay homage to summer with this mauve pink romper by Urban Outfitters. This romper is really cute on its own but it needed some styling to help it pop. I added a gold chain Michael Kors belt to create more shape and add a unique detail. This is pretty much the only way I wear belts. They are such an underrated accessory but can update a look easily.

I always pay attention to how I can pair complementary or unique color palettes together. The mauve color in the romper pairs well with pinks and browns. Therefore, layering a light pink blazer helped to create a nice contrast which helped the romper pop. The different shades of brown are neutral tones that tie everything together. Of course, there has to be a little bling, enter these droplet earrings. They also tie in the gold accents in the purse and belt. Voilà. You have the perfect end of summer look.

Do you like seeing me break down my outfit choices and why I paired certain pieces? Is it helpful to you? I’m always looking to improve and create more valuable content you all will enjoy.  We recently expanded our content to include a youtube channel with videos focusing on style, beauty, and weekly vlogs. Check it out and let us know what you’d like to see there as well. We’re also working on a few new projects to launch later this year and next year. We are always trying to improve and your feedback is welcomed.

p.s. we = my brother and I. We run this blog together and he is the one behind all the lovely photography on the blog and across my social media.

Outfit Details

Romper by Urban Outfitters

Blazer by H&M

Shoes by Steve Madden

Purse by Louis Vuitton

Earrings by Aldo

Sunglasses by Rayban


the last summer look, urban outfitters blogger style

What to wear on the days you don’t want to get dressed?

don't want to get dressed , blogger style

don't want to get dressed , summer outfits to copy now, pinterest women's fashionWhat to wear on the days you don’t want to get dressed? Bodysuit and joggers. This is my go to uniform on the rare days I just don’t want to get dressed. It usually happens on the days when I’m in a crazy work coma and glued to my laptop. Alas, even then I may need to run out to do quick errands.

I really love joggers because they offer all the comfort of sweatpants but are more stylish. In my humble opinion. The pair I’m wearing is from Express and are the most comfortable thing ever. I really live in them. When I just need to quickly go to the store I always reach for them. Just to round out the comfort I slipped on my H&M sandals because they go with everything, are easy to put on and comfortable.

I really love finding pieces that do double duty in my wardrobe. I want to be able to wear it casually or to work or to happy hour. This is why I invested in my Alexander McQueen clutch. On a casual day, it adds the perfect amount of glam and unique detail.

When it’s all paired together it does not appear that I rolled out of bed and hopped in my car. Instead, it looks like I put in some effort.No matter how much we love clothes and getting dressed up we all have those days where we can’t even deal.

As for my beauty routine, I skipped all the makeup, hence my huge shades. Instead, I just swiped on my sinful cinnamon lipstick by Buxom. It’s definitely my favorite at the moment and one I recommend in my 5 lip colors to try this month post. Of course, the topknot was the necessary hairstyle. Let me know the one thing in your closet you live in.

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Outfit Details

Bodysuit by Out from Under

Joggers by Express

Sandals by H&M

Clutch by Alexander McQueen

Sunglasses by Quay x Desi

don't want to get dressed


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don't want to get dressed

The Most Comfortable Sports Bra Ever

sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit
sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit

This past week I’d been really drained. I have so many things in the work so when Sunday rolled around I just wanted to chill. I didn’t have much to do except recover from a pretty bad allergic reaction, run a few errands and wait for Games of Thrones. Can we talk about this season?!  I love the dragons and I’m obsessed with Arya. She’s everything.I’m so ready for next week’s episode.

As you can see I had a chill Sunday. I decided to sport my sports bra by Calvin Klein. The love I have for it is so real and it is by far one of the comfiest things I own. It’s probably not that great for working out but it is for lounging around. Or styling as a part of your outfit. Some days we just have to ditch the standard bra.

My American Apparel skirt paired well and the material is just as comfortable. I was pretty sad when I heard they were going out of business. I definitely lived in American Apparel during college. It was literally the first store I ran to when I needed a “going out” outfit. However, I am happy they relaunched their online store.

The all white was very unintentional. My mind might have still been lingering on my birthday dress. Since I am me I had to bring in some color. I really love how a cobalt blue and fuschia shade of pink compliment one another. Wearing bright colors instantly makes me feel more positive. When I feel positive I’m more productive and everything just flows easier. It’s such a small thing but the impact is amazing.

What’s your favorite way to help increase positivity and productivity? Leave it in a comment

sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit


Outfit Details

Sports Bra by Calvin Klein

Skirt by American Apparel

Shoes by Missguided

Bag by Dolce & Gabbana

sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit

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6 of My Favorite Fall Items

favorite fall items

Hey, guys! Just wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite fall items I’ve been loving this past month. I couldn’t think of a better way than to combine them into a complete look and give a full visual why I have been obsessed with them. My outfit is definitely giving a badass chic vibe. After, all isn’t that the point of a leather jacket?!

6 of My Favorite Fall Items

1. High Key Sunglasses by Quay x Desi Perkins Collab. Desi did such an amazing job with this collection and it completely sold out this summer. Fortunately, it came back in September with a new color added also. I have the shades in the rose gold color but I’m thinking of grabbing the other two as well.

2.  Leather Jacket By Topshop. This has been my favorite leather jacket by far this month. I don’t believe I wore any of my other ones, honestly…truly (shout out to Joanne).

3. Backpacks – Mine is from Henri Bendel and of course I got mine monogrammed.

4. Distressed High-waisted Denim – The pair I’m wearing is from Topshop. Clearly, I’m a Topshop lover they just get my style 90% of the time.

5. The color Olive. I just recently worked with a client who was obsessed with everything olive green. Therefore, it has been high on my radar. Speaking of clients I’ll have some news to share in the next coming weeks be sure to be subscribed to the blog to stay in the loop.

6. Gold Hoop Earrings. Gold can do no wrong and this pair is my favorite, they’re my mom’s earrings from the 90’s. I also love these, these and these.

Are there items or things you love for Fall? Share them below!

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favorite fall items

More Gold Hoops I Love


favorite fall itemsfavorite fall items


The Jumpsuit


Jumpsuit via Asos | Shoes by Gianvito Rossi | Coat by The Fifth | Shades by Rayban

The jumpsuit, it’s the one thing that will always remain a staple in my closet. It’s a versatile item that can transition from scene to scene.

When I saw this jumpsuit while browsing my favorite online shops I had to get it. It’s so comfortable I didn’t want to take it off and the price was nice. That’s the great thing about jumpsuits is you can score a stylish one at a range of prices. Doing a high-end look that looks expensive but isn’t becomes easy. Pairing it with black suede d’Orsay pumps ups the luxury for less and the outfit feels timeless. I swear this jumpsuit looks more expensive than my designer coat and shoes. I think it’ is the satin material that is doing the trick.

Satin just has a quality that screams LUXURIOUS! In all honesty, that is what flashes in my mind when I think of satin.Lately, I really have been loving satin and silk everything. Literally, I replaced all my pajamas with silk ones and my bedding to satin. I have to say it feels damn good on my skin.

Let me know if you have any current obsessions lately!



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jumpsuit untitled


My Take on the Athleisure Trend


This week has been going by super slow for me especially since I didn’t have Monday off. I’m so thrilled it’s Friday. I just want to snuggle in bed and watch Netflix all weekend. However, I can’t because I have a jam packed weekend of projects and planning.

A few weeks ago I gave some tips about how to make your wardrobe meet your lifestyle. In that post, I mentioned the trend athleisure. It’s basically made wearing workout gear acceptable in any setting. I mean most have been doing this since high school. But you know things don’t become trendy unless adopted by the fashion world. There have been so many brands and designers creating lines geared specifically toward this trend. So for the girl who loves sweats and jerseys looking chic became a whole lot easier.

I must admit I’m not the sweats and hoodie type of girl but I like the whole relaxed vibe around athleisure. When I saw this jersey by Adidas I had a little heart flutter. I mean it’s so fly. I had to get it and add my own twist to this trend.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Jersey by Adidas | Disco Pants by American Apparel | Boots by Chinese Laundry | Clutch by Alexander Mcqueen | Bracelets by Shay Mitchell x Bauble Bar

athleisure-lay-summers-2 athleisure-lay-summers-3 athleisure-lay-summers-4 athleisure-lay-summers-5 athleisure-lay-summers-6 athleisure-lay-summers-7 athleisure-lay-summers athleisure

Easy, Breezy Blue

white and blue stripes

Hey loves! Let’s get the elephant out of the room? I’ve been quite MIA this month because I was vacationing and I really needed to relax. I spent some time in Washington D.C and on Martha’s Vineyard which is just beautiful. If you’ve never been to the Vineyard, I highly recommend it and there will be more on that trip next week.

pop of color pop of color-2

For today, it is all about this easy, breezy blue look I wore in D.C for my birthday trip. Y’all, I really love how this outfit turned out but it was not my original plan. Typically, when I know I’m going on a trip I always plan. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be there two days or 14 days. I thoroughly plan out my outfits in advance. It just ensures my trip will not be stressful because I didn’t properly prepare unless everything goes wrong. I initially ordered pieces from Topshop for day outfits but in true Topshop fashion, my package wasn’t due to be delivered until the day I was leaving. That is literally the only pet peeve I have with Topshop is that their processing and shipping is not fast enough.

personal style personal style-2

Anyway, this realization came on the eve of my departure which left me with quite the wardrobe dilemma. The good thing is I know how to shop strategically and have a photographic memory of all the pieces in my closet (not even kidding). I went out and hit some of my favorite shops. The first being Zara where I scored this super chic white skirt. Then I hit up an old favorite, Urban Outfitters because I was picking up some pieces on hold for my brother ( hashtag big sister problems). While in Urban my little eye spied this super cute bralette which is amazingly comfortable, like get you one asap. Both these pieces integrated seamlessly with items I already owned like my suede Steve Madden heels and Soko Lariat necklace.

easy, breezy blue

All in all I had a great trip with my best friends. I looked and felt great even in that D.C. heat, it was literally baking down there.

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easy, breezy blue Shoes: Steve Madden| Bralette: Urban Outfitters| Skirt: Zara| Oversize Shirt: Zara| Bag: Dolce & Gabbana| Necklace:Soko

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easy breezy blue

The Birthday Suit

birthday outfit idea topshop-3

The Birthday Suit

Hey boo! I recently celebrated my birthday last Thursday, August 4th. Whoo Leo season! I posted this outfit that I wore to my birthday dinner on snapchat and I promised to share the details. P.S. if you’re not following me on snapchat (@laysummersloves) you’re missing out. I usually share all my new purchases even before they hit the blog. The last two birthdays I went for a dress but this time around I wanted something different.  I still wanted it to feel sexy and chic. Once, I have an image in my head my brain goes into overdrive churning out ideas. It is, after all, my fave thing to do; dress people.

So as soon as I saw these pieces while browsing in Topshop, I had a love moment. Then,I found the perfect shoe in these Sophia Websters. I really dig her design style because it’s whimsical, fun and eye catching. Trust me, people will def peep your shoe game with one of her designs. I love keeping my accessories minimal, it’s my signature style. The outfit was topped off nicely with a long gold chain and simple wallet.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes! I truly appreciate it and feel so grateful. Keep scrolling to shop my look.

Xo, Lay

birthday outfit idea topshop-4birthday outfit idea topshop-2 birthday outfit idea topshop-5 birthday outfit idea topshop-7 birthday outfit idea topshopbirthday outfit idea topshop-8

Blazer & Trousers by Topshop | Shoes by Sophia Webster| Wallet by Henri Bendel| Top by Urban Outfitters| Necklace by Topshop





Blue Stripes | A Chic Summer Look

blue stripes

outfit of the day_ Fashion stylist lay summers easy ways to accessorize

Wearing blue stripes creates a chic summer look that oozes a fresh and calm energy. If you’re struggling with what to wear to work this summer I suggest hitting up Zara. They have great pieces that work well in the office and versatile enough to work in multiple settings outside it.

You know I love a little glam. Even in the midst of the blue stripes and crisp white, I slipped in this gold necklace. The necklace paired so well with its sleek shape and gold slightly matte finish.


The Details

Pants & Top by Zara | Shoes by DVF | Necklace by Topshop


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