The Most Comfortable Sports Bra Ever

sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit
sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit

This past week I’d been really drained. I have so many things in the work so when Sunday rolled around I just wanted to chill. I didn’t have much to do except recover from a pretty bad allergic reaction, run a few errands and wait for Games of Thrones. Can we talk about this season?!  I love the dragons and I’m obsessed with Arya. She’s everything.I’m so ready for next week’s episode.

As you can see I had a chill Sunday. I decided to sport my sports bra by Calvin Klein. The love I have for it is so real and it is by far one of the comfiest things I own. It’s probably not that great for working out but it is for lounging around. Or styling as a part of your outfit. Some days we just have to ditch the standard bra.

My American Apparel skirt paired well and the material is just as comfortable. I was pretty sad when I heard they were going out of business. I definitely lived in American Apparel during college. It was literally the first store I ran to when I needed a “going out” outfit. However, I am happy they relaunched their online store.

The all white was very unintentional. My mind might have still been lingering on my birthday dress. Since I am me I had to bring in some color. I really love how a cobalt blue and fuschia shade of pink compliment one another. Wearing bright colors instantly makes me feel more positive. When I feel positive I’m more productive and everything just flows easier. It’s such a small thing but the impact is amazing.

What’s your favorite way to help increase positivity and productivity? Leave it in a comment

sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit


Outfit Details

Sports Bra by Calvin Klein

Skirt by American Apparel

Shoes by Missguided

Bag by Dolce & Gabbana

sports bra, calvin klein, chill sunday outfit

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Why A Chambray Top Should Be a Staple in Your Closet

chambray top, denim vibes, how to wear chambray shirtchambray top, denim vibes, how to wear chambray shirt

A chambray top has always been a staple in my closet. I love the lightweight fabric and that it closely resembles denim. It makes the perfect top to pair with just about anything. But I especially love wearing it with denim.

It was a cool summer day so I opted for a pair of boyfriend jeans. Yes, they are back. I really do love them on cooler summer days. Denim is so easy to make chic and be comfortable. Next, to chambray, I believe denim to be the easiest fabric to style. When you put the two together. It’s like magic. 

To keep the outfit relaxed I paired my chambray top over a bralette from Victoria Secret. Their new line of bralettes are amazing and only $20.  This burgundy clutch from French Connection was the perfect way to add in a bit of color. One of my favorite pair of heels is these d’Orsay day ones by Jessica Simpson. I love their simplicity which made them the perfect choice to polish off this look.

What are your wardrobe staples? Let’s discuss in the comments

             Why A Chambray Top is a Staple in my Closet
+ Works well with multiple colors

+ Is lightweight and breathable

+ Easy to layer & pairs well with denim

chambray top, denim vibes, how to wear chambray shirt

The Details

Jeans by Blank NYC

Top by Express

Shoes by Jessica Simpson

Clutch by French Connection | Shop the Sale

chambray top, denim vibes, how to wear chambray shirtShop The Chambray Top

chambray top, denim vibes, how to wear chambray shirt


Satin Bomber Jacket by Azalea

satin bomber jacket

satin bomber jacket, azalea, summer outfitsIt was freezing in Boston the other day. Well, it was 59 degrees but that’s chilly for July. The only good thing is that I got to wear my favorite satin bomber jacket from Azalea. I bought this jacket in the spring and have been wearing it so much until summer. I can’t believe this is the first time it’s making an appearance on the blog. Please forgive me for not sharing this little gem of a jacket sooner. It is on sale now, that counts for something, right?

The cooler weather also had me pulling out my favorite black denim which I paired with a black crop top. Before I knew it I had an all black outfit, clearly, I was feeling a certain way about the weather. However, my jacket was the perfect balance of color and texture. When wearing a lot of one color I make sure to mix items that have different finishes. So, of course, I threw on my favorite Marc Fisher loafers which shiny finish contrasted nicely with the matte finish of my backpack.

What do you wear on those chilly summer days?

Up Close | Wearing Trust Issues by ABH. This has been my go to lip color as of late

The Details

Bomber Jacket by Azalea (on sale)

Jeans by Zara

Shoes by Marc Fisher ( shop my picks)

Backpack by Henri Bendel

Hat by Ivy Park ( Pink | Black)

Glasses by Warby Parker

satin bomber jacket, henri bendel

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satin bomber jacket

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A Twist on the White Summer Dress

white summer dress

A white summer dress is always a great option. The simplicity of this dress by Topshop is what caught my eye and the little unique details. Gingham has been a huge trend this summer and one I’ve always been a fan of. Therefore, it was a no-brainer to pair my gingham heels by DVF with this dress. I bought these a few years ago so they are no longer available but I will add some alternatives to the shop section.

Pearls are beautiful pieces of jewelry but I rarely ever reach for the ones I own. I’m not sure why I don’t wear them more often. But, in this instance of going for a simple and classy look, the pearl accessories were a perfect look. I always tend to dress up a bit for the fourth of July because it’s my dad’s birthday and my family always dresses up for birthdays.

What are your plans for the 4th? I’m hoping to snag a few deals with all the sales especially from Topshop and all my other online favorite retailers. Oh, and to scarf down my fair share of birthday cake.


The Details

Dress by Topshop

Shoes by DVF (shop the 4th of July Sale)

Clutch by Alexander McQueen

Bracelets by H&M

white summer dress

 Shop the White Summer Dress

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3 Tips to Perfect the Art of Layering to Stay Stylish & Warm this Winter


This particular day wasn’t too cold even with the light drizzle of rain and I wanted to dust off one of my favorite coats. However, it’s a thinner coat and definitely requires some extra layers to pull off in February.  My brother and I headed out for a little walk to this quaint area a few minutes from our house. When I looked back at the photos we snapped I thought it would be great to share some style tips on this particular look.

There is an effortless vibe in perfectly layering an outfit. It’s especially essential when you need to stay warm during the colder months but not have your sense of style suffer. This is something I’ve worked to perfect over the years and wanted to share 3 tips to perfect the art of layering that helped me do it. I love playing with different ways to pair items in my closet and during the winter is my favorite time.

3 Tips to Perfect the Art of Layering

1| Material: The art of layering is really dependent upon the right materials. I like cotton and silk tops because they are lightweight and breathable. It’s usually what I choose for my first layer. Here I’m wearing a basic crew neck tee from H&M in a dusty pink. The first layer is really about comfort more than style but getting both in one item is great which is why I like the basics from H&M. Not to mention they are at a nice price point.

2| Structure: This is the fun part but also the trickiest, for me at least. There’s a fine art to layering without losing shape, you don’t want to look like a big walking ball of clothes. Part of it is figuring out the right fit for each item and how many items. I layered a form fitting blazer over my t-shirt to create some shape underneath my coat.

3| Color: I’m always telling you all about color palettes. They are practically weaved into all my tips but they’re essential. Understanding which colors work well together gives a strong foundation and opens up some many creative possibilities. I like the contrast between pinks and blues, it’s one of my favorite combos once the shades are rights. Pairing the deep blue denim with the blush tones in the coat and scarf keeps the overall look from falling flat. The hints of burgundy in the scarf give off the same effect.

3 Tips to Perfect the Art of Layering
3 Tips to Perfect the Art of Layering

The Details
Shades | Rayban
Blanket Scarf | Azalea
Trench Coat | Missguided
Top | H&M
Denim | Frame
Shoes | Jessica Simpson

3 Tips to Perfect the Art of Layering

Winter Weather Style

Winter Weather

I’ve been snowed in for the better part of four days thanks to a monstrous snowstorm that rolled through last week. However, I enjoyed my long weekend my favorite way, curled up with some really good books. My best friend, Karol, and I love reading series about dystopian societies and we try to read them together. I divided into the Delirium Series by Lauren Oliver, which is a society where love has been deemed a disease and a mandatory cure is administered when people reach the age of 18. Lauren Oliver is a new author to me but I live her writing style and the world she created sort of reminds me of the Giver. I don’t want to go into a whole book review so I’ll move into the outfit.

I shot these photos with my brother a few weeks ago, hence, the sunny day with no snow in sight. This chunky olive sweater has been my favorite all winter and I’ve worn it soo much already, it’s quite ridiculous. The sweater just pairs so well with other items in my closet. Winter weather makes me want outfits that are easy, stylish and uber warm.

The Details

Sweater by Azalea| Coat by the fifth| Jeans by Zara| Shoes by Gianvito Rossi

Winter Weather Winter Weather

Metallics, Leather and the most stylish sweatshirt

Metallics x Leather Metallics x Leather

Metallics. I’m really into them. Well, metallics & leather to be exact. I skipped over the whole velvet trend last year. I’m not currently tuned into the refined military trend that has popped up to start the year. However, I love military inspired pieces so I’m sure I’ll tune in soon. Until then I’ll stay all about metallics.

The metallics and leather combo is like the pb&j for my closet for the moment. It’s not a groundbreaking combo but it’s cool. It’s chic and effortless. There’s no denying it is damn good.

The other thing I’ve been loving is my sweatshirt by Nicce. Can’t even remember how many times I’ve worn it. It’s comfortable, lightweight so it layers easily and stylish. All the items from this brand are like that actually. They’re great basics that have unique detailing, of quality and at a reasonable price point. I’m not one to swoon over sweatshirts and sweatpants but everything by them has been irresistible.

Don’t know if you noticed but this is yet another post when I’m not wearing heels. Guess you can say my shoe game is getting diversified. Anyway, please share any style combos or items you’ve been loving to start the new year. I’d love to compare.

Up Close

I’m wearing a MAC lipstick called stone. It’s a cool grayish purple which is beautiful on a range of skin tones.

Lipstick: Stone by MAC

Metallics x LeatherMetallics x Leather






The Details

Link 1| Link 2 

Link 1|Link 2

*this is a similar jacket

Scarf by H&M · Jeans by Rag & Bone · Bag by Zara


Head To Toe Black

head to toe black

head to toe black

Anna Wintour once said she’d never wear head to toe black.

I agree every outfit needs a bit of color. Black is one of those colors that always feel timeless and sophisticated. When I’m short on time I gravitate towards it because I know it will always look great. That said I have to add a few special touches to make a head to toe black outfit pop.

Most days I wear a baseball cap is for the obvious reason of a bad hair day. However, not in this case. I just love how a baseball cap + blazer looks together. They’re such opposites since a blazer dresses up and defines while a baseball cap is an epitome of casual. The immediate vibe I give is casual sophistication or least that is what I was thinking. On the other hand, my brother and his friend debated whether I looked like Janet Jackson or Kelly Rowland. Hmm, maybe a bit of both.

Mastering the art of the ballet bun was something I learned many years ago. Although, my ballet days have gone being a ballerina will always be part of who I am which is probably why I’ve been favoring wearing my hair in buns lately. I also love how a baseball cap pairs with a ballerina bun. At the moment I pretty much think pairing anything with a baseball cap is the answer. The one I’m wearing, by the way, is from Ivy Park and I love how minimal it is.

Head to Toe Black Checklist
  1. Mixed Metals--> If you ever are apprehensive about wearing silver and gold together, this is the easiest way to do it.
  2. Minimal Edgy Jewels--> I love stacking my hands with statement rings. I stick to two or three to keep from over doing it.
  3. Dash of Glam--> A little glam is necessary and goes a long way. How sweet is this brooch I inherited from my grandma? It's the perfect dose.
  4. Spot of color--> Anna was on to something. A little bit of color to head to toe black makes it better.


Up Close

I kept my makeup to the bare minimum, only lip liner, and gloss. I love this combo because it’s so natural.

Lip Liner: Grunge by Colourpop

Gloss: Spice Lipglass by MAC

The Details

Ivy Park
Sam Edelman

Bag by Dolce&Gabbana · Necklace by Soko · Brooch from my Grandma ·Jeggings by Asos



The Winter Outfit Formula You Need This Season

winter outfit formula


Winter outfit formula


It’s officially winter and freeeezing out. Colder temperatures make it tempting to forgo our stylish ways. I created a winter outfit formula that’s easy to follow. If you’ve been struggling with what to wear this season you’ll love this.

Outfit formulas are so useful because they take the thinking out of getting dressed. They also show you what areas of your closet are lacking or what items you don’t wear enough.This is great to help sort out where you need to invest more or less for your winter wardrobe. The key elements of the winter outfit formula is:

Chunky Neckroll Sweater + Skinny Jeans + Boots + Jacket

That’s it. You can add a bag, sunglasses or any other accessories to finish your look but the hard part is done.

You can see the formula in action with my look. It took me about 10 minutes to get ready and out the door. The great part is I feel warm without having too many layers.

Now that you have the formula, the fun is in the details. In the winter we tend to were sweaters often. So it’s great to find sweaters with fun or unique details. I love the distressed detailing on the one I’m wearing and the relaxed vibe it adds to the overall look. The gold detailing on my boots adds an extra level of luxe and pairs nicely with the suede.

Outfit Details

Sweater by Azalea · Jeans by Topshop · Boots by Marc Fisher ·  Jacket by Ann Taylor · Sunglasses by Quay · Purse by Zara



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