Head To Toe Black

head to toe black

head to toe black

Anna Wintour once said she’d never wear head to toe black.

I agree every outfit needs a bit of color. Black is one of those colors that always feel timeless and sophisticated. When I’m short on time I gravitate towards it because I know it will always look great. That said I have to add a few special touches to make a head to toe black outfit pop.

Most days I wear a baseball cap is for the obvious reason of a bad hair day. However, not in this case. I just love how a baseball cap + blazer looks together. They’re such opposites since a blazer dresses up and defines while a baseball cap is an epitome of casual. The immediate vibe I give is casual sophistication or least that is what I was thinking. On the other hand, my brother and his friend debated whether I looked like Janet Jackson or Kelly Rowland. Hmm, maybe a bit of both.

Mastering the art of the ballet bun was something I learned many years ago. Although, my ballet days have gone being a ballerina will always be part of who I am which is probably why I’ve been favoring wearing my hair in buns lately. I also love how a baseball cap pairs with a ballerina bun. At the moment I pretty much think pairing anything with a baseball cap is the answer. The one I’m wearing, by the way, is from Ivy Park and I love how minimal it is.

Head to Toe Black Checklist
  1. Mixed Metals--> If you ever are apprehensive about wearing silver and gold together, this is the easiest way to do it.
  2. Minimal Edgy Jewels--> I love stacking my hands with statement rings. I stick to two or three to keep from over doing it.
  3. Dash of Glam--> A little glam is necessary and goes a long way. How sweet is this brooch I inherited from my grandma? It's the perfect dose.
  4. Spot of color--> Anna was on to something. A little bit of color to head to toe black makes it better.


Up Close

I kept my makeup to the bare minimum, only lip liner, and gloss. I love this combo because it’s so natural.

Lip Liner: Grunge by Colourpop

Gloss: Spice Lipglass by MAC

The Details

Ivy Park
Sam Edelman

Bag by Dolce&Gabbana · Necklace by Soko · Brooch from my Grandma ·Jeggings by Asos



The Jumpsuit


Jumpsuit via Asos | Shoes by Gianvito Rossi | Coat by The Fifth | Shades by Rayban

The jumpsuit, it’s the one thing that will always remain a staple in my closet. It’s a versatile item that can transition from scene to scene.

When I saw this jumpsuit while browsing my favorite online shops I had to get it. It’s so comfortable I didn’t want to take it off and the price was nice. That’s the great thing about jumpsuits is you can score a stylish one at a range of prices. Doing a high-end look that looks expensive but isn’t becomes easy. Pairing it with black suede d’Orsay pumps ups the luxury for less and the outfit feels timeless. I swear this jumpsuit looks more expensive than my designer coat and shoes. I think it’ is the satin material that is doing the trick.

Satin just has a quality that screams LUXURIOUS! In all honesty, that is what flashes in my mind when I think of satin.Lately, I really have been loving satin and silk everything. Literally, I replaced all my pajamas with silk ones and my bedding to satin. I have to say it feels damn good on my skin.

Let me know if you have any current obsessions lately!



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jumpsuit untitled


My Take on the Athleisure Trend


This week has been going by super slow for me especially since I didn’t have Monday off. I’m so thrilled it’s Friday. I just want to snuggle in bed and watch Netflix all weekend. However, I can’t because I have a jam packed weekend of projects and planning.

A few weeks ago I gave some tips about how to make your wardrobe meet your lifestyle. In that post, I mentioned the trend athleisure. It’s basically made wearing workout gear acceptable in any setting. I mean most have been doing this since high school. But you know things don’t become trendy unless adopted by the fashion world. There have been so many brands and designers creating lines geared specifically toward this trend. So for the girl who loves sweats and jerseys looking chic became a whole lot easier.

I must admit I’m not the sweats and hoodie type of girl but I like the whole relaxed vibe around athleisure. When I saw this jersey by Adidas I had a little heart flutter. I mean it’s so fly. I had to get it and add my own twist to this trend.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Jersey by Adidas | Disco Pants by American Apparel | Boots by Chinese Laundry | Clutch by Alexander Mcqueen | Bracelets by Shay Mitchell x Bauble Bar

athleisure-lay-summers-2 athleisure-lay-summers-3 athleisure-lay-summers-4 athleisure-lay-summers-5 athleisure-lay-summers-6 athleisure-lay-summers-7 athleisure-lay-summers athleisure

3 Tips for Making your Wardrobe Meet your Lifestyle

3 Tips to make your Wardrobe meet your lifestyle

It’s Sunday! Sundays are the beginning of the week for me. It is the day that I run errands, work on new blog posts, get brunch with friends and plan for the rest of my week. All in all, it’s a pretty busy today. I wanted to give you all some tips on how to make your wardrobe meet your lifestyle. I believe that is the key to being able to put your best style forward.


3 Tips for Making your Wardrobe Meet your Lifestyle

1. Find Pieces that Function Well for you

This is really crucial if you want to get a lot of wear out of your items. If your clothing doesn’t fit well, you won’t want to wear it. If it doesn’t make sense for your day to day, you won’t be able to wear it. Think about what you need. If you work a corporate office job, you’d want a ton of versatile pieces that are business casual friendly. If you’re a stay at home mom with a newborn, you want fabrics that won’t stain easily. I suggest making a list of what your average day looks like and then go through the pieces in your closet. If the item doesn’t fit your daily needs, donate and replace.

2. Choose your level of comfort

You know that old saying “Look good, feel good”? It goes both ways. Don’t force yourself to wear heels, if you hate them just because you think they look better. There are soo many cute flats, booties, sneakers in the world. If you’re like Lay, I just want to live my life in sweatpants! My advice is to go ahead but just step it up a notch. Put away the sweats you’ve had since high school and opt for some joggers or these or these. Athleisure is in these days. My point is being authentic to yourself doesn’t mean forgoing your fashion sense.

3. Create your color palette

Picking a few colors that you love and work well together makes life easier. It will help guide your purchases and make getting ready super easy. Of course, you don’t have to stick just to these colors but having a healthy abundance of tans, yellows or navy will make your wardrobe cohesive.

3 Tips to make your Wardrobe meet your lifestyle

I hope this helps if you struggle with impulsive shopping or buying items that don’t work with your current wardrobe. It’s always good to step back and evaluate from time to time, it’s great for your sanity and bank account! Scroll down for my outfit details 🙂

The Details

Jeans by Topshop | Shirt by H&M | Shoes by DVF | Bag by Dolce & Gabbana| Earrings by Vineyard Jewelry


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Easy, Breezy Blue

white and blue stripes

Hey loves! Let’s get the elephant out of the room? I’ve been quite MIA this month because I was vacationing and I really needed to relax. I spent some time in Washington D.C and on Martha’s Vineyard which is just beautiful. If you’ve never been to the Vineyard, I highly recommend it and there will be more on that trip next week.

pop of color pop of color-2

For today, it is all about this easy, breezy blue look I wore in D.C for my birthday trip. Y’all, I really love how this outfit turned out but it was not my original plan. Typically, when I know I’m going on a trip I always plan. It doesn’t matter if I’ll be there two days or 14 days. I thoroughly plan out my outfits in advance. It just ensures my trip will not be stressful because I didn’t properly prepare unless everything goes wrong. I initially ordered pieces from Topshop for day outfits but in true Topshop fashion, my package wasn’t due to be delivered until the day I was leaving. That is literally the only pet peeve I have with Topshop is that their processing and shipping is not fast enough.

personal style personal style-2

Anyway, this realization came on the eve of my departure which left me with quite the wardrobe dilemma. The good thing is I know how to shop strategically and have a photographic memory of all the pieces in my closet (not even kidding). I went out and hit some of my favorite shops. The first being Zara where I scored this super chic white skirt. Then I hit up an old favorite, Urban Outfitters because I was picking up some pieces on hold for my brother ( hashtag big sister problems). While in Urban my little eye spied this super cute bralette which is amazingly comfortable, like get you one asap. Both these pieces integrated seamlessly with items I already owned like my suede Steve Madden heels and Soko Lariat necklace.

easy, breezy blue

All in all I had a great trip with my best friends. I looked and felt great even in that D.C. heat, it was literally baking down there.

Want the rest of my outfit details? Keep scrolling

easy, breezy blue Shoes: Steve Madden| Bralette: Urban Outfitters| Skirt: Zara| Oversize Shirt: Zara| Bag: Dolce & Gabbana| Necklace:Soko

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easy breezy blue

Dipped in Caramel

dipped in caramel DSC_0247DSC_0226-2DSC_0236 DSC_0258 dipped in caramel dipped in caramel dipped in carameldipped in caramel

Hey Lovelies! I just wanted to drop in and inspire you to stay chic even in this summer heat. I’m doing it dipped in caramel. Well not literally dipped in caramel but it’s what popped in my head when I think of this look.

Life has definitely been like yo-yo as of late and it’s been really exhausting to get everything up to speed.  I, finally feel like I can breathe a bit easier again and that things are falling into place for the next stage of my journey. I’m excited to bring you all along with me.  It’s not been an easy road but with faith and perseverance, I’ve found peace and one day I hope to be able to share my story. In life, we all need help and support to achieve our goals, dreams and withstand the curve balls of life. You guys have been a great support system to me in so many ways that you may not know. I am so grateful for sure.

Trust that no matter what I’m facing life in all the chicest attire. Yess, that even means I’m rocking a leather mini and Gucci in 80 degree weather.

Till next time…

70’s Summer Vibes

style blogger -1 style blogger -2 style blogger -3 style blogger -4 style blogger -5 style blogger -6 style blogger -7 style blogger -8 style blogger -10

It’s June! It’s officially my favorite time of year, summer! Well almost if you want to be technical. I love that it’s still cool enough to get away with a jacket some days in NE. Therefore, this suede number has been on heavy rotation. It’s dope and goes with just about everything. Who would have thought I’d start to love fringe. Ha!

Anyway, I’m super excited because I’m going to Beyoncé’s Formation Tour this Friday! Let me know if you guys have seen it or have tickets!

Also, you can check me out on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat(laysummersloves) if you so please!

Of course, my outfit details are below🤗
Au Revoir!

Romper & Jacket by Azalea | Shoes by Tomas Maier | Shades by Rayban

Blue for Spring

spring outfit ideas-2 spring outfit ideas-6spring outfit ideas-4
spring outfit ideas-8spring outfit ideas-7 spring outfit ideas-10 spring outfit ideas-11

Hi ya’ll! I hope you have been enjoying the arrival of spring because I sure have. I spring cleaned my closet and feel so inspired to play around with my style again! I also decided to give myself some closet rules after I finished cleaning out my closet because I had so many clothes. My clothes literally were all over the place and it was quite out of control. I love shopping but I needed to give myself some boundaries. There will be more on that in a future post! I know I have been in and out this year but the consistency of posts will be back to normal going forward. Just wanted to pop in and give you a sneak peak of what I’m bringing you this spring with this look. Are you loving the jumpsuit?! Let me know in the comments.

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My Look : Bodysuit by Missguided | Heels by Steve Madden| Headscarf by H&M| Jewelry by Tiffany’s| Sunglasses via Nordstrom


Basics Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet


basic items every woman needs-7 the basics

It’s Monday and I thought we start the week off talking about basics every woman should have in her closet.Basics are pieces that are essential to any wardrobe. They are pretty simple on their own but when paired together or accessorized become super stylish and chic. I’m going to be giving you the list of basics every woman should own. This list isn’t exhaustive by any means but I do believe these particular items are either already in your closet or could easily be added to help balance out your closet while making it more stylish. The outfit I’ve styled in these photos can really fit an array of lifestyles from the off-duty professional to the on the go mom. Let me know your thoughts or questions by leaving a comment below.

The Look: Denim by Frame Denim | White top by Asos | Clutch by Zara | Camel Coat by Reformation | Sunglasses by Nordstrom | Shoes by Steve Madden

Basics Every Woman Should Have in Her Closetbasic items every woman needs-11

basic items every woman needs-12Dark Wash Denim

Of course I had to, start off with denim. I love denim because it’s comfortable, flattering, practical and stylish all in one item. Dark wash denim should be in your closet because it instantly helps to create a contrast against lighter colored pieces and for all the reasons I mentioned previously. Denim can be tricky in terms of finding the pair to fit your body type but don’t despair the perfect pair is out there. Let me know if you’d like a guide to finding the perfect pair of denim.

The pair I’m wearing is by Frame Denim and it’s flared. Flared jeans have been my favorite cut of denim lately because it makes my legs look so long and lean. I’m wearing a size 27.

basic items every woman needs-8camel coat closet basicsCamel Toned Coat

Ahh, the camel coat. If you live in an area where you’ll need to wear a coat at all during the year, invest in a camel toned one. These come in all different lengths, styles, and textures. You can choose one that matches your style and lifestyle. If you have young children who may spill things on you then I recommend not opting for the suede on I’m wearing and going for one made with a less absorbent fabric.

basic items every woman needs-10basic items every woman needs-6Long Sleeved White Top

This one is a bit obvious but I still wanted to include it. So often, I hear of incorporating a white tee as a must-have in everyone’s wardrobe. While a crisp white tee is great I beg to differ that a long sleeved white one should take precedent. Having both is ideal but if you had to choose, I’d recommend the long-sleeved white top. Personally, I think this top is more versatile, it can be worn casually as in these photos or easily transition into your work wardrobe.

Basics Every Woman Should Have in Her Closet

Basics Every Woman Should Have in Her ClosetLarge Clutch

I may be a bit bias when it comes to this one but for good reason.They are just always the perfect size and way to add in color. They also aren’t overbearing and won’t take away from an outfit like a full-size purse.

I have clutches in all type of colors that I wouldn’t necessarily buy a purse in. They create a space to play with color and texture that more flexible.

If you found this helpful, please share!






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