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4 Goals for 26 + The Perfect Birthday Dress

the birthday dress, life goals, 4 goals for 26the birthday dress, life goals, 4 goals for 26

This is the fourth year that I’m sharing my birthday outfit. It’s crazy to me that this is the fourth year I’ve been blogging. Last year was all about my version of the birthday suit. However, I’m infamous for the birthday dresses and went back to my roots this year.

This Mara Hoffman dress is the perfect birthday dress. It’s sexy, comfortable and classy. Ms. Hoffman really nailed this one. Unfortunately, it’s sold out now but I shared a few of my favorite picks below. I wore this dress to my b-day dinner on Martha’s Vineyard but I didn’t get a chance to take any photos. So I recreated the look and shot these photos with my brother.

The dress is so beautiful and a statement piece on its own that I kept the accessories to a minimal. I added a dose of glam with my baublebar choker and chose a simple sandal since I was on the island. My usual stilettos wouldn’t fair well with the amount of walking and sand. * sad face* Every year I love getting to celebrate with my friends but I also love taking the time to set new goals.

I know some people like to set goals in January for the new year. That’s great. Personally, I like to set them on my birthday. It’s the perfect opportunity to reflect and look at the path I’m on in life.

I do set goals early in the year for my finances, the blog, and my career. These are personal goals so they’re a bit different.Goals I feel will make me a better person, enrich my life and those around me. They are much more intimate. If you’re a long time reader of the blog ( I appreciate you) then you know I’ve done this before. This year the number four has been a reoccurring theme in my life. Therefore, I decided to set four goals. Plus it’s my favorite number.

My Goals This Year


1| Start dancing again and participate in one performance

I grew up dancing and I love ballet. It’s always been my favorite but it’s been years since I stepped into a dance studio. Which is so weird for me because I spent most of my life in dance studios and performing. I really do miss it and it’s a great way for me to be active.

2| Become a mentor to at least 2 young women in my community
This one is really dear to me. I’ve always been pretty involved in community service and mentoring throughout high school and college. The last few years though I haven’t made much time for it but it has to change. While I was in Martha’s Vineyard I mention this to Sami and Karol so now I’m going to take action. I’ve always enjoyed being a mentor and empowering young women. I believe we should be pillars in our community and strive to find a balance between giving and taking.

3| Write at least 2 chapters a month of my future books

If you watched my “Get to Know Me” video then you know writing books is one of my long term goals. I’ve started books in the past or wrote short stories but I’ve never really made a plan. However, I did come up with this amazing character who story I really want to write and the file has just been sitting on my computer untouched for a few months. As of late I’ve been devoting most of my time to the blog and growing my business but I’m determined to start making more time for my writing. I can’t promise this time next year I’ll have a full book written but I will be much further ahead than I am now.

4| Working at my own pace and staying grateful

I know this isn’t a S.M.A.R.T goal but not all personal goals have to be. The world moves so fast, time passes by so quickly that we can think we’re failing if we’re not achieving all our goals at once or living a certain lifestyle. As long as I’m working every day to build a full life, I’ll get to my goals right on time. In the meantime, I’m going to be grateful for the love, the success, the friends, and the memories I have at the moment.

the birthday dress, life goals, 4 goals for 26


Outfit Details

Dress by Mara Hoffman

Choker by Baublebar

Shoes by Nine West

Shop My Mara Hoffman Picks

the birthday dress, life goals, 4 goals for 26

Photos by Summers Photography


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