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Why do you love Fashion?

Growing up I begged my mom for magazine subscriptions. I wanted Seventeen, Vogue, W, Harper Bazaar, Essence, and Ebony. Can you believe she actually ordered me 4-year subscriptions to all of them? Each month I’d receive the newest editions and pour over them for hours. I read them cover to cover and studied them. My closet doors were covered with the collages of the photos I cut out of my favorite looks. Those photos would serve as my inspiration when I went to get dressed. I loved playing in clothes and creating all type of looks even if sometimes I wasn’t bold enough to wear it outside. Instead, I’d put on a mini runway show for my mom and grandma.

As I got older I’d help my mom and aunt get ready for their work Christmas parties, weddings, and birthday celebrations. It was always a good time. Then later I had a blast designing my sweet sixteen and prom dress with my mom. This is why I love fashion. It is connected to some of the happiest and most rewarding moments of my life. It gave me a gateway into my creativity, helped me to find my voice and tell the stories that lived in my imagination.

Since all the fashion weeks are upon us I’d thought it’d be fun to share why we love fashion, my favorite and least favorite trends, and my fashion icons. I hope this month we can have a good girl talk on why we love fashion. Let me know your reasons.

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