The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day is almost upon us ! Don’t worry if you haven’t found the right gift yet or if you’ve yet to start looking. I have a few ideas outside of the traditional flowers and dinner gift, that should be a given. I created a gift guide based on my expertise, since ya know I’m an excellent gift giver. Well, at least according to my mom. The list is full of thoughtful and stylish gifts that can be tailored for your budget that your mom will love ( I hope!) Happy Mother’s day and Happy Shopping ! * muah*


The Fashionista: Your mom lives to look amazing and fashion is her happy place. Snag her any one of these gifts or a combination and she’ll be impressed that you’re finally taking some notes from her.

The Gift List

  1. Chloe Drew bag. This definitely a great piece to have for summer and spring, it comes in array colors to fit with your mom’s taste but if the price tag is a bit hefty at the moment; keep scrolling.
  2. A fashion illustration in her favorite look or item The kind of art a fashion lover is all about. You can hire someone or if your good with your hands do it yourself. It’s a create way to create a custom gift that is inspired by the number one lady in your life.
  3. Have her favorite pair of shoes resoled or some item restored to its former glory. Do you know how many times this shows up on a to – do list when you are a shoe lover? It’s doesn’t really matter the number. Just do it! She’ll love having a favorite piece turned brand new.
  4. Fashion book/documentary. When you love fashion, you love fashion. You want to consume it as many ways possible. This is a great option if you refuse to feed the beast of a closet your mom already has.

The Natural Woman: Your mom cares about the environment. These are great options for her as they are eco-friendly, body friendly and will help your mom stay beautiful while supporting her green lifestyle.

The Gift List

  1. Home made body scrub. homemade gifts are always a great option, sometimes simple gifts are the best. You can find an array of recipes online or check out my d.i.y sea salt body scrub here, Your mom’s skin will thank you and it’s budget friendly.
  2. Ella& Mila Vegan Nail polish . A manicure without all the harmful chemicals but still with gorgeous vibrant colors. Pretty much magic in a bottle.
  3. Portofino Dress by Reformation. If you didn’t know fashion is quite taxing on the environment. Luckily, there are great companies out there making sustainable but beautiful clothing. If your mom is really committed to a eco- friendly lifestyle she’ll love the extra thought you put in by buying from a sustainable brand.
  4. 100 Percent Pure This brand is pretty much like hitting the jackpot in natural and body friendly products. From organic makeup to body butters and shampoo they have it all. Create a mini gift basket full of their goodies and your mom will be thrilled.

Superwoman: Your mom is the ultimate superhero, the Hulk has nothing on her. She is an expert multitasker as she is juggling her career, family, social life and home. Help her relax a little bit by getting her something that will make her days easier. It’s kind of like a gift that keeps on giving.

The Gift List

  1. Subscription to a food delivery service/ or a chef for a week. This is a great way to free up a task on your mom’s busy schedule.  You can either chef it up for her for the week or try a service like Blue Apron. Either way is a winning game plan
  2. A pass to a Pure Barre class, a massage or both. This is great way for your mom to relieve stress, she’ll be very pleased with whichever you choose.
  3. Personal assistant for the week. You can hire someone or you can do it! I’m sure your mom would love having the extra time to spend with you.
  4. A monthly wine subscription. If your mom is a wine lover, this is a great option. Not only will it allow her to expand her wine palette but give her a great reason to invite her best girlfriends over for a girl’s night.

Best Mom EVER: This one needs no explanation and it’s all about the thought. These gifts are all about giving from the heart and can be given from the whole family. So call up your siblings, cousins,etc and make it the best Mother’s Day ever!

The Gift List

  1. A letter on how she inspires you, why you love her or anything you don’t tell her enough. * Disclaimer: There might be tears*
  2. Create a scrapbook of all your favorite memories of her with quotes.
  3. A blast from the past. You can do this in several different ways, but the main goal is to make your mom nostalgic and that you listen when she told you all those stories from her younger days. Create a gift bag full of things that your mom loved as a child; plan a trip to fave childhood place of hers; make a video of all her oldest friends/family telling why she’s special to them
  4. Spend the day in her shoes – have your mom write down a typical day or a list of tasks she’s needs done but hasn’t had time then send her off to relax for the day at her favorite spa, with a girlfriend or just simply at home. Complete her tasks & have dinner together at the end of day

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