True Life : I Shaved My Eyebrows

Happy Saturday ! I’m excited to introduce this new segment into the blog. Although, the focus of the blog is mainly fashion/personal style and there will be lots of it. I love bringing you all into my closet and my beauty bag. However, I also get a lot of questions about my life and wanted to create a series called, True Life, where I can share my memories and life lessons with you all.  So keep scrolling to read the first entry. I hope you enjoy!


eyebrows i shaved my eyebrows Even though I have gorgeous fleeky type eyebrows at age 24, that wasn’t always the case. Growing up, I was pretty much obsessed with my mom. I thought everything about her was pretty much perfection,including her eyebrows. She was the definition of on fleek. I wanted to be just like her and what better way to emulate her than looking just like her. When, I was about ten I stood in front of the bathroom mirror staring at my eyebrows for what felt like an infinite amount of time. My mom had just come from the salon a little while ago with freshly done brows, I begged her to take me to get my eyebrows done but with no avail. Then, I decided to take matters into my own hands, those bushy brows had to go! Hence, how I ended up in a stare down with myself in the bathroom. I wanted my eyebrows to be just like hers (arched,neat & tidy), so I took that shiny metal object (aka a razor) and started hacking at my face. Well, not literally but how imagined they did it at the salon and believed I was on the way to poppin’ brows. Much to my surprise, I was very much mistaken when I took a look at my handy work and began to scream when I realized half my left eyebrow was missing. [pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]I was still standing there stupefied, razor still in hand, when my mom came running into the bathroom.[/pullquote] I was still standing there stupefied, razor still in hand, when my mom came running into the bathroom. She was mortified when she saw the razor until she realized I was just trying to “do my brows”. She gave me a long talk about beauty and being a little girl. She went on to explain that one day I would be able to do “adult” things but to enjoy being a child now. The reason she didn’t allow me to do certain things was because she didn’t want me to grow up too fast. You can figure I didn’t want to hear any of that! Now that I’m older I realize she was right. I still had to walk around with half an eyebrow for weeks until it grew back, not to mention it grew back slightly crooked (see picture). Even when it finally grew in my mom still wouldn’t let me get them done and I couldn’t shave until I was sixteen !

Let me know any valuable life lesson stories you have in a comment.

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