The Turtleneck: How To Style This Wardrobe Basic

How to Style The Turtleneck

How to Style The Turtleneck

Turtlenecks are the bomb. Sweaters, hoodies and fuzzy oversized cardigans are amazing too. But a turtleneck is the perfect way to chic up your look while layering strategically.

So often are closets are missing essential basics simply because they’re boring. Or we think they are. I used to feel this way too. Why spend my money on a cami or plain turtleneck when I can buy those stylish oversized sweaters instead? Let’s answer that.

1| It cuts down on the bulk and adds warmth.

Have you ever successfully paired an oversized sweater with a cardigan? Probably not. They are just not pieces that complement each other. Not to mention it just wouldn’t be comfortable.

2| Neutral Color Options

Basics usually come in a handful of color options. Making them easy to pair with pretty much anything.

Now, that we covered why to buy your basics, in this case, the turtleneck. Let’s talk style tips.

1| Make it a focal point

My gray turtleneck is a focal point without clashing with my cardigan simply because it’s grey. It complements the black without being overbearing.

2| Layer it with a blazer or cardigan

This is my favorite way to rock a turtleneck. If you want to dress up choose the blazer. If you want a more casual look go with the cardigan. Whatever you choose, keep it chic an fun. 


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How to Style The Turtleneck

How to Style The Turtleneck




Lay Tip: Keep basics chic & fun by buying them in different styles, colors & textures.






Outfit Details

Turtleneck by Topshop

Cardigan by ( via Asos)

Joggers by Express

Shoes by Chinese Laundry

Earrings by Aldo

Favorite MM by Louis Vuitton

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