3 Tips for Making your Wardrobe Meet your Lifestyle

3 Tips to make your Wardrobe meet your lifestyle

It’s Sunday! Sundays are the beginning of the week for me. It is the day that I run errands, work on new blog posts, get brunch with friends and plan for the rest of my week. All in all, it’s a pretty busy today. I wanted to give you all some tips on how to make your wardrobe meet your lifestyle. I believe that is the key to being able to put your best style forward.


3 Tips for Making your Wardrobe Meet your Lifestyle

1. Find Pieces that Function Well for you

This is really crucial if you want to get a lot of wear out of your items. If your clothing doesn’t fit well, you won’t want to wear it. If it doesn’t make sense for your day to day, you won’t be able to wear it. Think about what you need. If you work a corporate office job, you’d want a ton of versatile pieces that are business casual friendly. If you’re a stay at home mom with a newborn, you want fabrics that won’t stain easily. I suggest making a list of what your average day looks like and then go through the pieces in your closet. If the item doesn’t fit your daily needs, donate and replace.

2. Choose your level of comfort

You know that old saying “Look good, feel good”? It goes both ways. Don’t force yourself to wear heels, if you hate them just because you think they look better. There are soo many cute flats, booties, sneakers in the world. If you’re like Lay, I just want to live my life in sweatpants! My advice is to go ahead but just step it up a notch. Put away the sweats you’ve had since high school and opt for some joggers or these or these. Athleisure is in these days. My point is being authentic to yourself doesn’t mean forgoing your fashion sense.

3. Create your color palette

Picking a few colors that you love and work well together makes life easier. It will help guide your purchases and make getting ready super easy. Of course, you don’t have to stick just to these colors but having a healthy abundance of tans, yellows or navy will make your wardrobe cohesive.

3 Tips to make your Wardrobe meet your lifestyle

I hope this helps if you struggle with impulsive shopping or buying items that don’t work with your current wardrobe. It’s always good to step back and evaluate from time to time, it’s great for your sanity and bank account! Scroll down for my outfit details 🙂

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Jeans by Topshop | Shirt by H&M | Shoes by DVF | Bag by Dolce & Gabbana| Earrings by Vineyard Jewelry


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  1. Great tips and you’re so right about the color palette. I discovered a few years ago that cobalt blue is my color for my main outfit and that other colors work better as accessories.

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