The Winter Uniform

winter outfit, winter outfit idea you need, winter outfits

winter outfit, winter outfit idea you need, winter outfits

Its really been too cold to spend much time outside. What does one wear when it’s below freezing? Do you even care? Ah, the old age question of every New Englander in history. I’ll be honest that I couldn’t be bothered to put forth much effort into my winter outfits this week. I just wore slightly different variations of the same outfit. But I still thought I share.

This has really been my outfit uniform the past few weeks minus the shoes. Usually, I opt for a pair of boots this time of year but my Tomas Maier moccasins are soo comfortable. To be honest 90% of the time these are the shoes I’m wearing no matter the time of year. They aren’t “winter” shoes but they are easy to slip on, comfortable and hella chic. Works for me.

The last week of the year everyone seems to be in limbo especially if you’re still on break from work. For me, I’m in a book reading, pizza eating, movie marathoning coma (currently watching the Harry Potter marathon on Freeform as I write this). When I do manage to pull myself from that coma it’s only to add new things to My Wishlist (see below). Although, I did manage to stand outside and take these photos, which is a feat all on its own.  In all seriousness, I’ve felt really burnt out and not too joyful these last two months. It felt really damn good to take it easy this week.

I hope you all are taking it easy too and enjoying some downtime.

The Winter Uniform

Sweater(Zara) + Jeans(Topshop) + Coat(Asos) + Backpack (Henri Bendel) + Gloves (Uniqlo)


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